Yoga for Prostatitis – Right Decision for Your Health


Yoga involves not just physical exercises, but also combines the psychological and spiritual aspect of development. Performing asanas, people are concentrated only on their bodies, letting the energy flow throughout the body. This practice helps to treat many diseases. Yoga exercises for prostatitis eliminates stagnant processes in the small pelvis and helps to exclude the discomfort.

The Benefits of Yoga for Prostate Inflammation

Any exercises will favorably affect the prostate gland, so if you have chronic prostatitis, do not hesitate, it is better to gradually learn certain poses, and perform them daily. The result and the relief of symptoms of prostate adenoma can be felt in a month of active training.

Urino-genital system actively is involved in the training process, as the process changing in intra-abdominal pressure starts. Turned around asana, which help blood to flow is well recommended. The exercise in position: lying on your back with raised legs helps to cope with stagnant processes.
In addition, there are special positions that perform muscle contraction of the anus. These exercises contribute to massage of the prostate gland. In general, yoga exercises for erectile dysfunction has the following advantages:

  1. yoga exercises for erectile dysfunctionClasses can be performed both with a preexisting illness and as a prophylactic. In the first case, asanas are gentler in order not to harm the body.
  2. Exercises for prostate used for contraction of the pelvis muscles bring the highest efficiency.
  3. Practice helps to relieve fatigue and relax body.
  4. Lessons in the morning, when everyone wakes up and only the mind is totally focused on training, have a great affect.

Selection of Exercises to Warm Up the Body

You shall start doing exercises with breathing exercises, which are a fundamental principle of yoga. To learn how to breathe correctly, we recommend you to perform a few starting exercises based on yoga asanas for prostatitis. Stand on the prepared mat, stretch your hands up. Take a deep breath; hold your breath for three seconds.  Put your hands up and down several times, then exhale and relax. Return to the original position of the first paragraph, and then make your hands down along the body. Take a deep breath, try to alternate the position of the hands: forward and down several times. Exhale and put your hands down simultaneously at the end of exercise.

Run the following respiratory asana that helps to treat prostatitis with the help of Yoga: draw a breath and hold it. Massage ribs with hands clenched in fists and it is better to close your eyes to focus on the position. Relax while exhaling. It is important to follow every breath of air and control the breaths and exhales and then you can achieve the desired effect. When the muscles are warmed up by using breathing techniques, go to the warm-up postures. They consist of such asanas:

  • yoga exercises for prostatitisStay on the floor sitting with stretched legs, straighten your back, slowly lean forward to your toes – try to put breasts on your knees with elbows resting on the floor.
  • Yoga stretches for prostatitis: stand up, straighten the back, and lean slightly forward, placing your hands on your hips. The legs should be bent at the knees. Exhale completely, try to shorten the muscles of the anus. The main feature of this exercise is based on the deflection of the back and pelvis, as well as breath-holding.

These tasks will help to prepare the body to more serious asanas. If you have health problems, doing yoga for prostate, don’t forget about the other parts of the body. If you have a sick spine, joints and fractures, it is better firstly to consult a physician and do exercises under the guidance of an experienced specialist.

The Main Complex of Effective Asana

The exercises based on the technique of inverted body have the main benefits. Stimulating blood flow to the pelvis, they give a positive effect to treat prostatitis with yoga. The first pose is called sarvangasana and it is counter-indicative for those who have problems with cervical spine and tailbone. In this asana, body balance is achieved through teamwork of listed sections of the spine. Experienced yogi can easily perform these exercises as well as those people who mastered the practice within two years. During this time, the neck muscles became stronger and exercises do not bring discomfort:

  1. lie on your back, place your hands along the body;
  2. palm put under the waist and legs bend at the knees;
  3. on the exhale try to raise your body, with your hands bent in elbows;
  4. when you reach the position of balance, gradually straighten your legs up to feel like blood rushes to the pelvis.

This exercise is included in the complex of primary yoga postures for prostate and helps improve circulation in problem areas affected by the disease.

Principles of Implementation

Before starting to perform yoga asanas for prostatitis and prostate adenoma, it is better to learn the breathing technique that was presented above. Workouts will pass easier using this technique. In addition, if you have decided to engage in the practice, visit the doctor in order he explain you what gland condition at the moment.

Yoga Exercises for Prostatitis

There are general rules for yoga positions, aimed at the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer:

  • Yoga stretches for prostatitisThe transition to complex asanas occurs only after learning simple tasks – do not hurry and begin your way to yoga from simple exercises;
  • Choose a suitable costume that will not rub during training and will ensure the freedom of movement;
  • Spend lessons outdoors in the warmer months, or in a spacious room in winter;
  • Keep fresh air in the classroom, use slow relaxing music;
  • Yoga for prostatitis is recommended for the elderly and the young guys for prevention.

When the prostate is inflamed, do not engage in this technique: you can significantly worsen the condition. You can perform asanas at home, but it is better to contact the experts in this matter. They will pick up the necessary yoga exercises, prostatitis and its symptoms will gradually decrease.

Remember that it is impossible to cure the disease only with the help of Yoga. The asana technique is applied for complex approach to treatment and it will be effective, as one of the components of a competent attitude to your health.

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