Why Does White Pimples Appear on Penile Shaft?


If you choose the lesser of two evils, the white pimples on penile shaft are certainly less dangerous than red rashes or brown hard emerods. More often they do not carry any threat and does not show the development of venereal disease. They can appear due to open disregard of personal hygiene rules. Do not forget that the penis is most of the time is under clothes and it is not possible to wash it as often as the face or hands.

When Should I Worry?

Exuding secretion of glands of the penis, sweat, sebum and other secretions – all this accumulates and affect the skin surface. If you neglect hygiene procedures, a chance of negative skin reactions will increase greatly. In particular, white bumps on penile shaft can appear; they will pass on its own in a few days if you give your personal hygiene more time and efforts. Healthy rashes have the following characteristics:

  • white bumps on penile shaftsmall (often multiple) bumps of 1-3 mm;
  • pale flesh color to white one;
  • located on the head and penis stem;
  • do not gather to matter and hurt.

Sometimes bumps can occur at the base of the penis, in the pubic area, on the scrotum.  These pimples do not even show the lack of hygiene procedures. They are the physiological norm and do not threaten men or his sexual partner’s health. The reasons for white or pale flesh-colored pimples are:

  • obstruction of the entrance of the sebaceous gland;
  • hair follicle inflammation;
  • work revitalization of the penis glands during puberty.

These pimples do not require serious treatment and pose danger. It is enough for two-three weeks to engage in intimate hygiene more carefully, treat the skin by light antiseptics, wearing clothes and underwear made of natural fabrics, prevent overheating in the penis area.  If you have additional more alarming symptoms, you must consult a physician.

When Should I Panic?

In some cases, appearing of white pimples may become the reason for a visit to the physician.  For example, if, for any reason, conditionally pathogenic microorganisms entered into the hair follicle and started there actively multiply, then it will lead to the formation of a hotbed of inflammation. Initially it will look like a small white bump on penile shaft. Pretty soon this bump will be changed and cause tubercle discomfort. At this point, the following symptoms may occur:

  1. on-penile-shaft-white-pimplesPimple will grow in size. You may see the swelling around it.
  2. The color will be changed and a bump will have a color from red to purple. White head can remain or become yellowish.
  3. When it comes into contact with the clothes a bump will cause pain. The skin around it may itch.
  4. In difficult cases body temperature may increase. Other signs of intoxication will testify about spreading of inflammatory process.
This symptomatic picture certainly is a serious cause for concern. Typically this inflammatory process requires not only serious, but immediate treatment. Proximity of blood vessels and the mouth of the urethra increases the risk of  severe consequences and complications. Self-medication is excluded for this reason.

Sometimes white pimples on penile shaft in men can be taken for developing genital herpes. In the beginning it looks like a small white bump, but it is growing quickly, turning into a conglomerate of bubbles filled with clear liquid. At this stage it is hard to confuse it with something else. It is accompanied by a mild itch and can have red tint on the periphery. After the bubble will burst, a reddish sore will remain for some time on its place.

on penile shaft white bumpsIf there are white pimples on the penis skin, on its head and on the scrotum, then this does not indicate a disease. Bad sign should be considered if there is their modification or stability. Sometimes single bumps tend to merge and form small stains that can be accompanied by peeling. In other words, the development of acne is very important.  In case of doubt, you should consult a physician, take a professional diagnosis and get recommendations concerning the forthcoming treatment.

If we are talking about the inflammatory process of fungal or bacterial nature, the doctor usually assign the antifungal or antibacterial drugs respectively. Most often, these are means of the external application. In advanced cases complex treatment may require that includes a number of procedures and the introduction of antibacterial drugs injectively. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the overall condition of the body, the possible existence of other symptoms, if they are detected, then describe the situation to a doctor.

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