How to Choose Effective Vitamins for Male Potency?


In case of sudden or gradual weakening of male power not every man is thinking about how important vitamins for male potency. Unfortunately, modern products contain a few vitamins and other necessary substances, so a lot of men face such a problem.

Why Do Men Need Vitamins?

The normal human activity is almost impossible without vitamins. These invisible substances contained in foods or special diet supplements in microscopic quantities are required to:

  • vitamins for male fertilityImprove the immune system.
  • Normalize the process of cell renewal of the skin and internal organs.
  • Develop the required amount of various hormones, including sex ones.
  • Provide sufficient blood flow to the genitals.
  • Improve endurance of orgasm.
  • Build muscles.
  • Increase sex drive.
  • Improve efficiency.

What Vitamins Help to Improve Potency?

Of course, man’s body needs a variety of nutrients, because they all affect the functioning of the body. However, here are the best vitamins for male potency:

  1. best vitamins for male fertilityVitamin E for potency is simply irreplaceable, because it increases blood flow to the male genitals. In addition, a specified substance helps cell renewal of the whole organism, and also has antioxidant properties.
  2. Vitamin C significantly increases the elasticity of blood vessels, significantly improves blood circulation and thus provides blood flow to the male genitals. This substance is indispensable for a sufficient increase of testosterone level and reliable prevention of prostatitis.
  3. Vitamin D is also necessary for potency, because it increases the synthesis of sex hormones, increases sexual desire.
  4. B vitamins are required to protect the liver, produce hormones, improve body tone and sustain many other functions.

In addition to above mentioned substances, zinc and selenium have great affect the male reproductive system.

What Food Contain the Best Vitamins for Male Fertility

Any fresh fruit, vegetables and other products are rich in certain vitamins, but the following vitamins contain the greatest concentration of nutrients:

  • Vitamin E – in olive and sunflower oil, yellow yolk, green onions and celery as well.
  • Vitamin C – in citrus, fresh or sour cabbage, bright orange carrots, green onions, parsley.
  • Vitamin D – in fish oil, chicken or quail eggs, fat cottage cheese, cheese, butter, fresh milk.
  • Vitamin B Complex – in nuts, dairy products, fish, carrots, various porridges, bread, pasta.

Important for men micro elements contained in seafood, marine fish, garlic, nuts, rye bread, corn and tomatoes.

When Do You Need an Additional Intake of Vitamins for Male Potency?

Proper nutrition almost entirely covers the need of vitamins for male body. But not every man eats not less than 500-600 grams of vegetables and fruits per day. Is there enough useful substances include greenhouse tomatoes or cucumbers in winter? The benefits of canned products are almost zero, because the only thing that they has in sufficient quantity — it’s calories. Thus, in some cases, there is a need for supplementary intake of nutrients in the form of medicines.  It is desirable to additionally enrich your body with vitamin medicines in the following cases:

  1. best vitamins for male potencyIn the off-season — in late autumn and early spring, when the content of necessary substances in fresh products is minimal.
  2. Frequent colds and various inflammatory diseases.
  3. If a man smokes. When smoking vitamin C is destroyed quickly, so an additional intake of this substance is needed.
  4. Strong stress and psycho-emotional disorders. Due to anxiety or depression, the process of disbursement of nutrients for life is accelerated, so it is impossible to dispense without vitamins in this case.
  5. During recovery after injuries, operations, serious diseases.
  6. If there are diseases of the liver, intestines and other organs in which vitamins from food not fully digested.

How to Take Vitamins?

The dosage of each drug is usually marked on the package. These complexes are usually taken, as a rule, during or after a meal. It is better not to exceed the recommended dosage; otherwise it may cause unwanted side effects. It is better to use drugs in a complex way, then their action is only intensifying. That is why the most effective have specially designed complex dietary supplements with vitamins.

Contraindications and Side Effects

There are not contraindications to  vitamin medicines. You should stop to take them if you have idiosyncrasy or you have certain diseases. So, do not take vitamin E if you have cardiosclerosis, as well as immediately after myocardial infarction.

Pay attention if you have kidney stones, stomach ulcer. When exceeding the dosage, there may be some unintended consequences: the emergence of sleepiness or insomnia, rashes on the skin, worsening of gastritis, increased stone formation in the kidney, venous thrombosis. To avoid undesirable side effects and get from receiving the above medicines only benefit you should first consult your doctor and take vitamins by courses rather than constantly.

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