Vitamin D for Erectile Dysfunction – May It Be Helpful for Men’s Health?


Men often try to conceal their problems with erection and potency. They tend to leave in the dark the fact of using various drugs that allow them to have longer sex. This is quite natural, as nobody wants everybody to know about such a delicate problem. Most men are ashamed to buy drugs for potency. However, if you say to a chemist: “Give me Vitamin D, please” nobody would pay attention. Few people are aware of the fact that vitamin d cures erectile vitamin d cures erectile dysfunctiondysfunction. What is more, unlike drugs that stimulate erection here and now, vitamin D will help in the long run. A study was made in India, which was attended by men (143 people), experiencing problems with potency. More than half of them also suffered from vitamin D deficiency.

If these figures are not very impressive for you, pay attention to the study conducted at Johns Hopkins University in the US. This will really make you think about the miraculous effects of this vitamin. Doctors examined 3,400 healthy Americans and found that those who suffer from vitamin D deficiency are 32% more likely to have erection problems. On the basis of the study scientists have come to the conclusion that vitamin d benefits erectile dysfunction.

Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

The problem with vitamin D in Russia is much more threatening than in India or the United States, because first of all its source is the sun (which we see quite rarely even in summer). Vitamin D is needed to maintain endothelial benefits of vitamin d for erectile dysfunctioncells that ensure proper functioning of blood vessels. Poor blood circulation affects not only the erection, but also many other processes in the body.

For example, a lack of vitamin D can lead to the formation of free radicals in the blood – superoxides. They deplete blood vessels and blood circulation slows down. Erection depends on how quickly the blood circulates in the body of a man. Many doctors advise patients suffering from reduced potency to take a blood test and check the level of vitamin D. If there is a lack of it, it is necessary to replenish the reserves of vitamin in the body. This is how vitamin d eliminates causes of erectile dysfunction.

What Products Contain Vitamin D?

The sun is not the only source of the vitamin. To regain a man’s former passion in bed, doctors advise to change the diet and include products containing vitamin D in large quantities. For example, tuna fish, mackerel, salmon or beef liver. It is also recommended to eat more eggs and dairy products (cheese, soy milk, cottage cheese) and to drink fresh orange juice.

Can Vitamin D Be Dangerous For Your Health?

Yeah, it could be dangerous. Therefore, it is very important not to abuse it. Nitrogen oxides help blood vessels relax and pump blood faster. However, if blood circulation is too fast (which in itself is a threat to health), vitamin D emissions will increase. Its overabundance can lead to loss of appetite, increased pressure, cramps and muscle spasms, rapid fatigue, bone depletion and kidney failure.

Should I Start Taking Vitamin D if I Have Problems with Potency?

vitamin d for erectile dysfunction benefitsFirst of all, you need to take a blood test and check the level of vitamin D in the blood. If the indicators are much lower than normal, it is necessary to consult a doctor to find the right vitamin complex that will help to restore the balance of elements in the blood. It is true that vitamin d cures erectile dysfunction, but do not take any vitamins without consulting a doctor. With minor deviations, you can change the diet and eat more products containing vitamin D. After a few months, it is better to take a blood test again to monitor not only your progress in bed, but also the state of the body as a whole.

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