Can Vasectomy Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


Vasectomy is an operation which consists in ligation of ductus deferens. The procedure will not affect your sexual desire, sexual activity and the ability to get an erection. Also, a vasectomy is reversible.

Why Does not Vasectomy Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Vasectomy is conducted as follows. Your surgeon finds the area underneath the scrotum, it is called the ductus deferens. Ductus deferens transforms sperm, which is mixed with the substance known as ejaculate. Then he makes a small hole for tying the ductus deferens. The given process won’t affect your potency and ability to achieve orgasm, so it is safe to say vasectomy cannot affect erectile dysfunction. The following factors cause erection:

  • vasectomy erectile dysfunctionstimulation of nerves;
  • the increased blood flow;
  • creating muscle contraction;
  • mental factor.

Blocking the ductus deferens influences solely the sperm that the organism continues to produce. As sperm resembles other kinds of cells, the body absorbs it in a natural way. It is noteworthy that the purpose of vasectomy won’t occur immediately. It takes three months or twenty ejaculations before your semen ceases to contain sperm. You will have to revisit the doctor 3 months later to check if there is any semen left.

Is there no Risk at All?

erectile dysfunction vasectomyThe development of ED because of the vasectomy is extremely rare. The strong bond between impotence and vasectomy is chiefly psychological. Depressions and stressful conditions will increase your risks for ED. These feelings can adversely affect the sexual desire. If you worry about the possibility of developing ED because of the vasectomy, we can cheer you up – there is no connection.

Doctors perform a vasectomy since 1800. Researches related to the vasectomy have been performed for about 100 years, indicating that vasectomy cannot affect erectile dysfunction.

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