Varicocele and Erectile Dysfunction—Are They Related?


It is not known for sure whether varicocele causes erectile dysfunction. It is necessary to consider the complexity of the current pathology and veins that are damaged by the disease. Many men suffering from this disorder wonders about the decrease in sexual function and possible infertility. To properly answer this question, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the disease and the particularities of its course.

Characteristics of the Disease

Varicocele damages the blood vessels that supply the male genitals. The testicles are in the scrotum. They are kept by seminal cords. There are veins. These vessels are linked to a large groin vein. Between the groin and the seminal vein is a valve. It regulates the release of blood in the seminal vessels. In dysfunction of the valve there is an accumulation of blood in the seminal receptacle. It is accumulating excess blood and stretches. The pathological area plot does not release the blood into the groin vein. This pathology is called varicocele. The disease is characterized by three types:

  • erectile dysfunction varicoceleFirst degree;
  • Second degree;
  • Third degree.

The first degree of the pathology is characterized by a slight stretching of the walls. Blood flow in the scrotum retains. The patient has no obvious signs of disease. At the second degree the patient suffers from the first symptoms of varicocele. There emerge veins under the skin of the scrotum and the lower abdomen. There is thickening of the vessel during palpation. This sign is possible to notice when the patient is in the supine position. Discomfort, however, he does not feel. The last stage of varicocele is considered dangerous. It is accompanied by a strong stretching of the venous walls.

The patient begins to feel discomfort when moving. There may appear pain. The danger of this symptom is probable torsion of the testicle. Torsion of the spermatic cord and testicle atrophy occur. The pathology needs to be treated in the first days of pain. If this is not done, the man loses one gland.

The Causes of the Disease

A varicocele can occur in men for a variety of reasons. There are the following factors influencing the pathology of inguinal vessels:

  1. Disturbance of elasticity of the veins as a result of diabetes;
  2. Injury to the scrotum or abdomen;
  3. Surgery;
  4. The inflammatory process in the testes.

A frequent concomitant disease affecting the development of varicocele is diabetes. In this disease there is a disturbance of elasticity of blood vessels of peripheral organs. The walls of the veins become fragile and brittle. The process affects the function of the venous valves. Many diabetics have the first or second stage of varicocele. Treatment of pathology must be conducted with the assistance of an endocrinologist. It is impossible to solve the problem on one’s own.

Injury to the abdomen or the scrotum leads to the compression of the veins in some areas. Visible signs and symptoms in men do not occur. Pathology develops gradually. To avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to immediately visit a specialist. Flattened areas can be detected by ultrasound.

Sometimes the patient has a varicocele due to surgical intervention in the genitourinary system. The operation can affect the venous injury of the beam. In the damaged area there appears scar tissue. It prevents reverse blood flow in the groin vein. In this case, there are additional operational measures. The problem may appear in the inflammatory process of the urogenital system. The process involves the adjacent organs and tissues. This problem is eliminated with the help of medical treatment of the causes. In some patients, varicocele still persists after the course of therapy.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of the Problem

Symptoms are characteristic of the second and third stage of varicocele. There appear such signs as:

Soreness of the scrotum is a symptom of dangerous complications. The other signs are manifested in a minor degree. The main problem for men is the disturbance in the sexual life. Varicocele can cause erectile dysfunction. Pathology affects not only the process of erection and is a consequence of pain. When ejaculating, men are having discomfort. If such moments occur regularly, the man begins to avoid sexual intercourse.

For diagnosing the disease, different methods are used. The main form of diagnosis is ultrasound examination. This device helps to detect the compressed section on the venous beam. If the ultrasound doesn’t help, dopplerography is used. This method is applied to detect internal obstruction of blood vessels. Additionally, the patient takes a blood test for the presence of inflammation. Also the fluid is examined for hormonal changes. After the detection of the affected vein the doctor prescribes the therapeutic effects.

Sexual Arousal

Potency depends on many systems of the body. Main system is sexual. Erection occurs due to complex chain of different reactions. With the appearance of interest, adrenaline enters the patient’s blood. Hormone stimulates the cortex of the brain. It irritates a nerve trunk and passes the impulse to the spinal cord. Nerve endings send a signal to the nerve roots of the penis. The pulse causes the vascular system to become active. Blood vessels expand and get more blood. Blood flows through the vessels in the cavernous body of penis. Erection emerges.

Erection is controlled by the nervous and vascular system. At the peak of excitement, the blood is influenced by a large amount of testosterone. It causes the prostate gland to allocate the seminal fluid. The fluid passes through the ejaculatory pathways. The process is accompanied by the swelling of blood vessels in scrotum. They gather the blood and put pressure on the testes. Sperm leave the testicles and mix with a secret. Semen through the urethra flows into the vagina. If there is a disturbance of at least one of these systems, the potency is reduced. The identification of pathology must be dealt with by a specialist.

The Impact of the Condition of Veins on Erection

Varicocele causes erectile dysfunction in the second and third stages of the disease. There are a number of reasons for declining potency:

  1. varicocele erectile dysfunction treatmentDisturbance of filling the cavernous bodies;
  2. Deterioration of spermatogenesis;
  3. A reduction in the transmission of nerve impulses.

The cavernous body of the penis is filled with blood through the groin vein. If the valve between the groin and the seminal vein is not working correctly then the content is poor. In this case, the patient has a decrease in the time of his erection. In severe cases, the erection disappears completely. In severe damage to the veins walls cannot respond quickly to irritation of nerve endings. The transfer of impulse is slow. If the process occurs systematically, then the brain ceases to respond to the action of testosterone. So, the man may lose his erectile function and impotence develops.

How to Avoid the Detrimental Effect of the Disease?

Varicocele therapy is only surgical method. The damaged area of the vascular bundle is dissected. The operation is performed with a laser. Thus there is no heavy bleeding. The operated area recovers quickly. In the second stage of the disease surgical intervention is discussed with the patient. A man has a right to refuse surgery.

The impact of varicocele on potency is not always pathological. Problems arise only in the third stage of the disease. The problem is solved only under the supervision of a specialist.

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