What Can Provoke Urinary Incontinence in Men?


As time passes, many men can face such problem as losing control over the bladder. Incontinence is characterized by small amounts of liquid coming out of your urethra when you’re not willing to urinate. Sometimes it’s all the bladder contents that ooze against your will. Old people are suffering from this illness more frequently, but lately the doctors have noticed an increase in number of adolescents and young man that experience difficulties with controlling the urine.

What Causes Urine Leak?

urinary incontinence in guyThis ailment can be triggered with physiological or pathological reasons. Urinary incontinence in men is complicated as it makes the lifestyle alter – you can’t stick to your daily routine anymore. The person is always embarrassed, shy and nervous for his ailment. He stops going out with friends, coming over his colleagues and flirting with ladies. It’s not rarely encountered that such people have depressions and quite low self-esteem. Having no control over one’s bladder is a menacing sign unambiguously indicating on some sort of pathology. Healthy bladder is not capable of missing the signal to urinate or not to urinate. It means that pelvic muscles hold the liquid inside until the appropriate time to empty it comes. What happens after the incontinence’s strengthened: muscle tissue can’t hold pee and lets it out as soon as it reaches the bladder. There are many reasons relatable to this disease. First of all, urinary incontinence in male has two types:

  1. The stress one. Urine begins to leak out during or after severe physical activity, raising the voice or having respiratory virus infection. In these cases only small portion of pee is exuded.
  2. The urgent one. This kind of illness can’t be controlled when it comes to urinating. It doesn’t seem possible for the patient to control the circulation of liquid inside his urinary tract. Mostly, the bladder releases the entire amount of pee contained in it.

The absence of control over the bladder and kidneys can be one of the symptoms relating to:

  • urinary incontinence in men causesProstate inflammation;
  • Explicit inflammatory processes in the excretory system;
  • Sphincter muscles weakness;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Drug addiction;
  • Endocrine system dysfunction;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Bladder cancer;
  • Diabetes;
  • Alcohol addiction;
  • Genetic defects of the excretory system;
  • Incontinence due to age;
  • Urolithiasis;
  • Anxiety, nervous disorders, etc.

Sometimes the causes of urinary incontinence in men are so simple and evident that cannot be distinguished from the first attempt. Consuming too much coffee and energy drinks, smoking tobacco and medicine overuse might be a trigger of the ailment, because they negatively affect men urinary system.

Ailment in Middle-Aged Men

Male from 30 to 60 years old face incontinence as a consequence of worn out tissues of prostate gland, weakened muscles of pelvic and excretion system disorder. At the age of 60 men are pretty much disturbed with their prostate so they often have surgeries to cure their illness. Not being able to control the bladder can appear after such surgery, and you should not treat it as a side effect.

Another common reason why adult men experience troubled urinating is aches related to cardiovascular system. In this instance, long-term medications, antihistamines or minerals are easily causing muscles problems and uncontrolled peeing.

Old Men Incontinence

Unlike urinary incontinence in young male, when everything is more clear and well treatable, complicated urinating in 65+ males isn’t that black and white and tells about such diseases as:

  • urinary incontinence in maleBrain or spinal cord damages;
  • Vertebral column pathologies;
  • Stroke consequences;
  • Nerve conduction disorder;
  • Cancer processes in prostate gland;
  • Excretory system cancer;
  • Development of Parkinson’s disease;
  • Multiple sclerosis.

Urinary incontinence in men is obviously a reason to make an appointment with your urologist. Most of the time, this ailment is temporary and doesn’t threaten the life or the health of the patient. Unfortunately, urine leakage shapes certain problems of social nature, depriving the person from normal social interactions, work capacity and turns his appearance into a mess.

You should not be frightened if you notice the symptoms of incontinence, and don’t be afraid to speak it out to somebody. As mentioned before, this ailment isn’t that dangerous – you can get well after only a couple of pills. But this is possible if you pay your doctor a visit right after the alarm is on. When this disease becomes a neglected case, you’re risking to develop it into a chronic illness which is cured only with the help of surgeon and very expensive treatment. So don’t postpone it for later – respect yourself and take care of your priceless health.

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