Tramadolum May Cause Erectile Dysfunction: Is It True?


Some studies testify to the fact that tramadolum allegedly helps in cases of premature ejaculation in men. Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects approximately 23% of males at the age from 23 to 75 years. For eliminating it, doctors often prescribe various antidepressants. The problem with this type of drug therapy is that these medicines must be taken daily, which is quite cumbersome for patients. Moreover, antidepressants have an utterly negative effect on health in general.

In addition, men who suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation can also apply ointments containing an anesthetic, using it for local anesthesia. However, this requires the use of a condom, as it may weaken the perception of stimulation in a partner.

Impact of Tramadol on Erectile Dysfunction

So, some men resort to the use of tramadol – a synthetic opioid which affects the reverse absorption of serotonin and norepinephrine. As a remedy for eliminating the problem of premature ejaculation, tramadolum does not require a daily intake, it is sufficient to take one pill before the planned sexual intercourse.

tramadolum and erectile dysfunctionFinding it a convenient method to apply, men use it now and again to get rid of the problem and have a prolonged sex. However, they disregard the fact that this drug may cause addiction. Furthermore, a recent study has shown that men who often take opioid products run the risk of getting erectile dysfunction. What is most preposterous is that there is rumor that some doctors prescribe tramadolum for erectile dysfunction.

Scientists found that approximately nineteen percent of males among those who took opioid medications at therapeutic doses for more than four months later complained of erectile dysfunction. At the same time, among those men who are not familiar with opioids only seven percent suffer from erectile dysfunction. Those who consume tramadolum to avoid premature ejaculation eventually suffer from impotence. And it goes without saying that tramadolum used for erectile dysfunction is like alcohol used for alcoholism.

It turns out that among men who are forced to take tramadolum owing to severe pain, that is, for medical purposes, there are also much more males who have problems with potency. Every day of anesthesia reduces the level of testosterone in the body, and this hormone plays a crucial role in virility. So how can tramadolum for erectile dysfunction take place if it actually adversely affects potency?

impact of tramadol for erectile dysfunctionChronic back pain is one of the most frequent reasons for receiving prescriptions for opioids. Eleven thousand men with back pain were studied in Portland. Those of them who were over sixty and who had taken tramadolum and other opioid drugs for a long time were much more exposed to the risk of losing their potency than their younger fellow sufferers. But in general, both groups were endangered significantly more than healthy men who did not need to take opioid products.

Doctors discovered that their findings did not mean that taking opioids directly causes erectile dysfunction, but the relationship between the two phenomena does take place, and doctors who prescribe such drugs should bear in mind that they must warn their patients of the risk of problems with potency and subsequent erectile dysfunction. In this case, a patient should be prescribed drugs enhancing the level of testosterone.

Minuses of Tramadol

Of course, problems with erection are not the only negative side of tramadolum and similar opioid drugs. In fact, the list of side effects of opioids is very long. Here are only some of them:

  • tramadol for erectile dysfunctionthe development of drug addiction;
  • critical and lethal overdose;
  • suffocation during a sleep;
  • reduced hormone production.

It should be noted that opioid products adversely affect practically all the organs. Besides, antidepressants and sedative drugs like benzodiazepines also influence the risk of getting erectile dysfunction, so using them as a remedy for premature ejaculation is not recommended.

If you face such problems, you should primarily consult with a qualified doctor. Of course, sometimes the use of medicines is obligatory if you want to get rid of the problems with your potency, but don’t forget about home remedies – some of them may turn out to be of real help, both in case of premature ejaculation and in erectile dysfunction. If the problem is caused by psychological matters, you should visit a psychiatrist. Take care of yourself and your virility!

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