The Main Causes of Swollen Testicles and Related Diseases


Any disorders of the male genitourinary system have its impact both on the sexual and everyday life of men. Each and every deviation, as swelling in the testis, must not be ignored, especially considering a variety of its causes. Let us find out the causes of such a disorder and become fully aware of what the consequences are.

The Underlying Causes of Swelling in the Testicle

Epididymitis is believed to be the most occurring cause. In point of fact that is an inflammatory process caused by bacteriological contamination. Here are the main symptoms of epididymitis:

  • swollen testicles with painThe groin hurts;
  • Pain in the lower abdomen near the damaged testis;
  • Elevated temperature (particularly in the area of scrotum);
  • Fatigue;
  • Blood in urine;
  • Penile discharge;
  • Urination causes pain.

It is essential to start treating epididymitis immediately in order to avoid torsion and necrotizing fasciitis.

There are cases of both left and right swollen testicles. The other serious cause requiring emergency intervention is torsion. Its symptoms are quite evident:

  1. The groin or the lower abdomen induces sharp pain, especially in standing posture;
  2. Asymmetric scrotum;
  3. Redness in the left or the right testicle;
  4. The feeling of nausea, as well as dizziness and even vomiting;
  5. Fever;
  6. Problems with urination.

It should be noted that a testis may return to its normal condition without any treatment, but afterwards the problem is likely to get worse if the necessary medical aid is not applied. If not adequately treated, torsion may lead to tissue necrosis, and that is an irreversible process.

Among other causes is an inguinal hernia, morbid growths and injuries, the mumps, fluid in scrotum, a malignant tumor, the varicocele (enlargement of veins in the scrotum).

It goes without saying all the cases of swollen testicles are urgent to treat as the consequences may be the most grave. Some problems can lead to agglutination of sperm and the subsequent sterility.

How to Examine a Scrotum by Oneself?

To diagnose the swelling in the testis in time, the man should make a good practice of examining himself now and then. It is not rarely that such an examination helps to prevent the development of some dangerous disease. Doctors recommend making these examinations twice a month. The following formula is to be observed:

  • swollen testicleA man takes a hot bath. Meanwhile, his testes go down to the scrotum and can be entirely examined.
  • Then he raises his penis and carries out a palpation of the left and the right testicles. It must be done carefully and thoroughly, all the size of testicle should be spanned.
  • It is normal for one of the testes to be located lower. If it is not, there is a problem.
  • During the palpation any alterations in a scrotum must be noted, including the smallest mass.
  • Then one testicle is spun from side to side. Ideally a testicle should have a smooth and elastic form, it should roll freely as well.

As has been already mentioned, self-examination should be made twice a month.

Fight Against Testicular Cancer

The choice of treatment method entirely depends on the causes of swollen testis. At the first stage a doctor excludes a cancerous growth, then the tactics of therapy is developed.

In order to ease the pain syndrome, anesthetics and rest are prescribed.

If there is fluid in the damaged testicle, the doctor makes puncture. In these cases there may be the necessity of performing a surgery as well. There are several types of surgery being indispensable if a patient has a hydrocele. So far as varicocele is concerned, it is also treated by means of surgery. In case a tumor in the testis is an instance of cancer, swollen left testiclethe patient can undergo such courses of treatment as radiotherapy, chemical therapy, and surgical excision or removal of the testicle. The last one is applied if one of the conventional methods of treatment cannot be efficient, and the cancer continues developing.

Besides, the stage of a cancer is of great importance, and here it seems appropriate to remind that it is possible for men to find a tumor by themselves if they do not ignore self-examination. The removal of a testicle is rather a drastic decision, but men should keep it in mind that the amputation of one testicle will not affect potency and virility. The only thing necessary for rehab is to undergo a course of hormone-replacement therapy which will restore the hormone balance in organism.

By way of summing up it should be noted that the problem with swollen testicles with pain or just the enlargement of scrotum does not depend on the age, so after a man reaches twenty it is high time for him to take care of his genitals, otherwise he might have serious problems.

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