Stress Causes Erectile Dysfunction – How to Deal with Problem?


stress related erectile dysfunctionA complex emotional shock leads to a decrease in libido and lethargy of erection: it is useful to know that it is stress that’s causing erectile dysfunction of a man. Various troubles and problems of everyday life directly affect the potency and the quality of sexual intercourse. The male body is experiencing such changes due to the following:

  • pressure on the heart, change of rhythms;
  • increased blood pressure, insufficient nutrition of brain cells;
  • intoxication and violation of nutritional and metabolic processes;
  • delayed reaction to stimuli;
  • expansion of the capillaries, slow lymph flow.

Potency Under Stress: State of Libido

If we talk about the way stress affects the potency, erectile dysfunction of a temporary nature should be noted. The man clearly feels a reduced attraction to the representative of the opposite sex. There may be difficulties with ejaculation during sexual intercourse. Severe stress can create pathological inhibition of sexual functions. Such factors can complicate the situation:

  1. stress causing erectile dysfunctionchronic infectious diseases;
  2. pathology of metabolic processes;
  3. disorders of sex;
  4. toxic effects of drugs and alcohol;
  5. heredity;
  6. mental disorders and phobias.

The effect of stress on a man’s potency has long been proven. The stress state is caused by psychological stupor. After such a shock, the body cannot achieve an erection and perform copulation. To return to normal life, a man should stop paying attention to the performance of sexual functions and associate them with emotional experiences. When the self-control of a patient in an unusual situation is reduced, he manifests himself as a healthy person. During sleep, the representative of the strong half continues to perform spontaneous erections, but only as long as it does not connect the brain.

How to Cope with Stress and Improve Potency?

Stress related erectile dysfunction is a very common thing in our everyday life. Since the life of modern man, especially man is full of surprises and force majeure, the danger is exposed to almost everyone. After the age of thirty, the danger increases several times. Working moments and tasks that are strained during the day will return in the form of a sluggish erection at night. This failure will only complement the prevailing sense of fear and despair. Instead of contemplating the body of the partner and enjoy the process, the man’s brain generates pictures of past failures and bed incidents.

How to Control Stress?

To cope with a stressful situation quickly, you can use special exercises. Stress-caused erectile dysfunction can be coped with via these tricks. Performing this complex for a long time, you will achieve amazing results and be able to relax as much as possible. Take the time to do this:

  • stress avoke erectile dysfunctionTurn off vigilance and concern.
  • Breathe deeply, holding your breath for a couple of seconds.
  • Pull in your chin like a turtle is pulling in a shell. Exercise will relieve muscle spasm.
  • Follow the circular motion of the shoulders.
  • Walk in a circle to get rid of excess energy and excitement.
  • Concentrate your anger on one hand to avoid negative consequences.
  • Do several breathing cycles to normalize heartbeat and blood pressure. It is especially useful to leave the men who are engaged in sedentary work in the pose of “turtle”.

The rotation of the shoulders in the maximum amplitude will remove stiffness and will help to reduce all the worries. Instead of reacting to stimuli, concentrate on your hand, transferring tension to it. Use your right hand not to transmit tension to your heart.

A specialist will help to cope with stress induced erectile dysfunction as it is the traditional phenomenon of the acute phase. You should consult a doctor when the symptoms of the disease are much expressed. Of course, it is unnatural to live in constant anxiety, so you should follow the regime and make your life easier. Switching from mental activity to physical activity is an easy way to restore the psycho – emotional balance. Take the time to talk about problems – it can greatly facilitate the situation and restore the peace of mind.

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