Sensitive Penis Head: Effective Treatments


The problem of high sensitivity of penis head in men put to trouble and disturbs the sexual life. Men with such pathology suffer premature ejaculation and can not prolong the intimacy for the time necessary for a partner. The problem of hypersensitive head penis can pass itself without treatment. However, in some situations, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The way to treat this pathology depends on the reasons for its occurrence.


Treatment should not be limited by the way only to relieve the symptoms. Only correct determination of causes and getting rid of them will reduce the susceptibility effectively and permanently. Factors which cause this pathology include:

  • sensitive penis head treatmentThe innate properties of nerve endings;
  • Disorders of reproductive functions;
  • Previous diseases of genitourinary system;
  • Phimosis (increase of tangibility due to  penis anatomical features);
  • Balanoposthitis (inflammatory process on the penis head, which makes it super sensitive).

All reasons are divided into congenital and acquired. After examination by a doctor and diagnosis, a physician will determine the factor that caused hypersensitivity and prescribe treatment.

Main Symptoms

The symptoms are different; it depends on the nature of their occurrence. If high sensitivity is caused by innate characteristics, it will be characterized by the following symptoms:

  1. the defect appeared in the beginning of sexual life;
  2. the duration of an intimate act is always the same, regardless of whether it is a first coitus, second or third one (if there is not a pathology, the subsequent acts are longer than previous);
  3. If a man uses a condom, cream or lubricant, the length of intimacy increases;
  4. alcohol also prolongs sex duration.

If hypersensitivity is a result of previous illness or other acquired factors, then there are such symptoms:

  • penis head very sensitiveSexual contact does not always end with premature ejaculation (sometimes control over ejaculation is possible);
  • Before the appearance of genitourinary system diseases there were not problems with the hypersensitivity;
  • Ejaculation happens without extra stimulation;
  • Second and each subsequent coitos lasts longer than the previous one;
  • alcohol does not prolong the intimate act;
  • Orgasm is not always a pleasure, sometimes you may experience painful sensations when ejaculation;
  • Artificial prolongation do not solve the problem of short sexual intercourse.

When consulting a doctor, a man should tell in details about the symptoms that accompany increased susceptibility for accurate diagnosis.

How to Reduce?

There are many methods to make the penis head too sensitive. Before applying these means it is necessary to consult a doctor. Effective ways to reduce sensitivity:

  1. prolonging gels, sprays, ointments, and creams;
  2. self-control;
  3. recipes of traditional medicine;
  4. pharmacology;
  5. circumcision.

Which method to use, depends on the reasons for their appearance. Let’s consider a few of them in detail.

External Prolonging Drugs

The external prolonging drugs include creams, ointments, sprays, gels, intimate lubricants.

Such drugs will be effective only if hypersensitivity is not the result of disease.

It is necessary to use the external prolonging drugs, on average, for 10-15 minutes before the intimacy by applying it on a sexual organ. During this time, the existing components are absorbed into the skin and begin to impact. There are absolutely not side effects from drugs, but they must be applied according to the instruction.


penis head too sensitiveSelf-control can help to a lot of men to reduce sensitivity.  It is necessary to learn how to control certain muscles to master the methods of restraining ejaculation. The process requires a long practice. So, it is necessary to compress muscles during urination to stop it in order to train the desired muscle. These exercises should not be too intense or frequent. To get the result, do exercises regularly, preferably by 5-10 minutes in the morning and evening daily.

Another effective way is to interrupt the sexual act for 10 seconds. The degree of arousal will fall by an average of 30%, then you can continue sexual act. Number of interrupts depends on the partner. With regular workouts, penis extraction will be required less often, the duration of sexual intercourse will increase.

Medical Preparations

There are drugs that make penis head not very sensitive. Such drugs as Papaverine, Tifen, and Spazmolitin are popular among men for prevention of premature ejaculation. Such tranquilizers as Trioksazin, Meprobamate and sedative medicines like motherwort tincture, valerian will successfully help to reduce the self-doubt.

The result of the use of medicines depends on men, endurance of components and the reasons that caused the problem. To take into account all these factors, medication and its dosage must be assigned by the doctor after a detailed examination. The problem why penis head is too sensitive can be solved in many ways.

Pharmacology suggests drugs that reduce the stimulation that prolongs intimacy. A man who wants to eliminate the pathology without costs, may apply the  recipes of traditional medicine. They are not less effective, however, require more time and personal leadership. Making penis head not very sensitive is a real challenge. That can be solved in a short period of time with the right approach.

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