How Can Selenium Help Erectile Dysfunction?


selenium cure erectile dysfunctionSelenium is a vital element for men’s health. The trace element affects everything: potency, sperm production, the work of the genitals. Selenium is not produced by the body, so it must be obtained from the outside with food or dietary supplements. Selenium helps the body produce the male sex hormone testosterone. Sexual behavior and libido of men, their erection, ejaculation and sperm production, all these depend on testosterone. Many men are interested in the question: “Does selenium help erectile dysfunction?” The answer is – Yes, it does.

Selenium and Potency

Selenium deficiency reduces testosterone production, which in its turn leads to a number of disorders in the sexual sphere of men: reduced sexual desire, poor erection and fertilizing ability of sperm, blunting orgasm, frequent night urination.

In addition, testosterone deficiency worsens performance, there is depression and fatigue. There is also a weakening of memory and attention. In physical terms, a man’s muscle mass decreases, weight increases and obesity develops.

Nutrition of a modern man is often deprived of vitamins and vital elements, including selenium. This affects the production of testosterone. In 40% of men long-term deficiency of this hormone causes men’s menopause. And this process does not depend on age and can be observed even in young people. It has been proved by scientists around the globe that selenium help erectile dysfunction.

Selenium and Fertility

Selenium is involved in the process of spermatogenesis. The amount of sperm produced is directly related to the level of selenium in the male body. The trace element is responsible for the integrity of the flagella, providing good selenium for erectile dysfunctionsperm motility. If there is a lack of selenium in the body of a man for a long time, the amount of sperm begins to decline, and its quality deteriorates. The sperm cells become less mobile and of irregular shape: two heads, rudimentary tails, and other abnormalities. The man is diagnosed with chronic infertility.

According to statistics, 45% of couples cannot have children because of male infertility! It is a chronic deficiency of selenium in men that many doctors call one of the reasons for the impossibility of conceiving a child. Statistics also proves that selenium deficiency causes erectile dysfunction.

Selenium and Genital Organs Health

Selenium has antioxidant activity. It protects testicular cells from excessive amounts of free radicals. This prevents the increased growth of prostate cells and increases its size. Selenium, acts as cancer protector, especially when it comes to prostate cancer. It reduces the growth of malignant tumor tissues in the prostate.

Selenium prevents the formation of calculi in the prostate, and if they are already there, the trace element fragments them, they dissolve and disappear.

selenium treat erectile dysfunctionLack of selenium by several times increases the chance of acute or chronic prostatitis. The disease is accompanied not only by painful and frequent urination, but also a decrease in sexual activity. Chronic prostatitis can lead to serious violations of potency, lack of erection, premature ejaculation, as well as infertility. So, doctors often use selenium for erectile dysfunction treatment.

In addition, the inflammatory process can progress. Therefore, over time, it affects the urinary system, causes acute urinary retention, renal failure. The prolonged course of chronic prostatitis by several times increases the risk of prostate cancer. Selenium deficiency also leads to the formation of small calculi in the prostate gland.

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