How much salt a man needs?


Most men prefer salty food and could not live without this seasoning. However, it should be noted that salt negatively affects our body. This fact is proved by hundreds of studies around the world. Many people today have already given up using salt when cooking and for a good reason. Daily consumption of too much salt always leads to terrible and irreversible consequences.

The Consequences of Abuse of Salt

  1. Oedemata. NaCl which is contained in salt leads to retention of water in the body. The retained water penetrates into the intercellular space, as a result, there is swelling of the surrounding tissues.
  2. salt affects erectile dysfunction treatmentHypertension. High blood pressure is a common known disorder of the cardiovascular system. Retention of fluids often causes hypertension and increased cardiac output.
  3. The load on the heart increases. High blood pressure makes the heart to work harder, to pump more and more blood and to overcome the increased tension in the vessels. Such a condition threatens with early wear and further weakening of the heart.
  4. Reduced production of testosterone. It is already proved that taking salt reduces the production of the main male sex hormone. Remember, that too much salt may cause erectile dysfunction.
  5. Risk of gastric cancer significantly increases. Japanese scientists came to such a conclusion having conducted a special study where both men and women took part. It should be noted that men are more prone to the risk of developing stomach cancer due to an excess of salt.

Salt and Potency

Scientists have studied this question and the answer to the question: “Does too much salt cause erectile dysfunction?” will probably be – Yes, it does. Experiments show that the male hormone responsible for sexual salt influence erectile dysfunctionactivity (testosterone) is produced more reluctantly with increasing sodium concentration.

Why does salty food affect the potency? The possible reason for the weak potency is deterioration of blood flow in the pelvis. What does the salt do? It holds water in the body and increases the volume of circulating blood. Because of the excessive load, blood vessels throughout the body (including in the groin) are more prone to spasms, and the process of blood supply often fails. This is the way salt affects erectile dysfunction.

Fatness depresses the production of testosterone and, as a result, reduces potency. Salt is the enemy of lipolysis (destruction of fats). When excess water accumulates in the subcutaneous layer, metabolic processes worsen along with blood microcirculation. Accordingly, the amount of adipose tissue is not reduced and often even increases. That is why it is recommended to reduce sodium intake when losing weight.

Do not guess how salt affects erectile dysfunction. It is better to quickly choose a diet that promotes a healthy erection and the preservation of male strength.

How to Reduce the Effect of Salt on Potency?

Not the salt itself is harmful for the body, but the excessive consumption of it. For example, one of the reasons for the adverse effects of fast food on potency is too much salt used in the food production. To prevent problems with potency and health in general, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for a healthy diet, namely:

  • salt affects cause dysfunctionto limit the consumption of products with high concentrations of sodium (sausages, smoked meat, hard cheese, canned food, homemade pickles);
  • to use less harmful varieties of salt (diet salt) in everyday life. The sodium content in it is reduced by adding magnesium chloride or potassium;
  • to season the food at the end of cooking, using a medium or large – crystal salt grade. It is even better to add it to taste when a dish is already on the table.

The upper limit of the daily intake of salt is 6 g. If you can consume even less, about 4-5 g, that’s great! This is useful not only for the health of the reproductive system, but also for weight loss, treatment of hypertension, prevention of cardiovascular disorders.

To sum up, using salt brings no good for our health. It is better not to take it at all. But if you cannot imagine your life without this seasoning, try to reduce the amount of salt used daily. Season your food at the end of cooking or when it is on your dinner table. Remember, that excessive use of salt negatively affects all parts of our body and leads to various disorders. Another option for salt lovers is to buy more healthy types of seasoning, for example black salt or sea salt. This kinds are less harmful for.

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