What Can Provoke Red Urine in Male?


in male red urineHematuria (red urine in male) is an evidently alarming sign. Normal red blood cells are completely absent in the secreted liquid from the kidney. It is not always that their appearance is the evidence of infection or development of some severe disease. Sometimes blood clots in men’s urine testify to the irritation of the internal mucous membrane of the urethra, injury, or reactions to the intake of certain medications.

In other cases, this symptom indicates the presence of pathology. Still, regardless of the reason, it is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. The main symptoms of various urological diseases are similar; therefore, they require careful examination of the patient.

The Causes of Emergence of Hematuria

Blood cannot appear in urine by itself (particularly blood in male urine with fever). Therefore, its presence clearly indicates a reason for anxiety. It can sometimes be the result of both mechanical irritation of the mucous membrane of the excretory systems and the development of infectious or inflammatory process, accompanied by the disintegration of tissue. Red urine in male most often occurs as a result of:

  • red urine in menrenal lesion;
  • injury;
  • urethritis;
  • cystitis;
  • functional disorders;
  • urolithiasis;
  • oncological disease;
  • tuberculosis of the kidneys, etc.

Due to the fact that the causes of the appearance of blood clots in the urine are very numerous, it is necessary to consult a doctor. It is only he who is capable of understanding what kind of factor is acting in this case and assign the appropriate treatment.

The Most Frequently Occurring Diseases

Blood in the urine is usually observed in such diseases as urethritis or cystitis. Women suffer them more often, but men, too, are sometimes hit. As a rule, the cause turns out to be hypothermia, or a sexually transmitted infection. In cases of cystitis an acute inflammatory process localized in the inner cavity of the bladder develops.

Most often blood clots are formed when the hemorrhagic flow occurs. Besides, a patient is concerned with a constant desire to visit a toilet. However, he finds it utterly difficult to urinate. Among the symptoms are also pain and burning sensation while urinating and pain in the lower abdomen.

So far as urethritis is concerned, the inflammation extends in the area of the internal mucosa of the penis. The patient feels severe pain and burning sensation when going to the toilet, and the constant need for the bladder to be emptied. Yet, in contrast to cystitis, the traces of pus are often observed in the selection of fluid.


Urine with blood clots in men sometimes also indicates that the patient has stones or sand. The mucous membrane of kidneys or excretory tract is injured by sharp edges of the crystals, which results in red blood cells. Sometimes they are observed in minimal quantities, detectable only by laboratory methods (when it is the case with microscopic hematuria). In other cases, blood is visible to the naked eye (gross hematuria).

When it is pooled in the urethra or when heavy bleeding takes place, then clots emerge. Pathology is accompanied by severe pain when going to the toilet, and sometimes even renal colic. In the absence of timely medical aid the other organs of the excretory system are quickly involved in the process on account of the infection of their internal cavity. Painless urination with blood appears when the patient suffers from renal diseases (glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, nephrosis, etc.). These pathologies have a distinct clinical picture. It comprises:

  1. red urine in guyThe presence of mucus in urine.
  2. Intensive migraine.
  3. The feeling of heaviness in the small of the back.
  4. Hyperthermia.
  5. Frequent urination.
  6. Fatigue.

It is especially important to take into account that any malignant growth may occur with no pain as well. The main symptom will be abundant clots of blood present in the urine. Even if there are few of them, and they do not appear frequently, you should immediately consult a specialist. Timely detection of disease in its early stages often leads to complete recovery of the patient.

It is advisable to know that the presence of clumps immediately after starting the selection of jet indicates the process localized in the urethra. If they are observed only after its completion, it is likely that the tumor struck by the bladder. Attention should be paid to their colour. If there is a bright red color, they appeared quite recently, and if they have acquired a brown hue, then they are traces of already complete bleeding.

The accumulation of formed elements is always a sign of danger. They are capable of blocking the lumen of the ureter, having caused their obstruction and severe intoxication of the organism. When blood clots occur in discharged liquid, there is no self-diagnosis or home treatment to be applied. With this symptom immediate Such a symptom requires an immediate treatment of the urologist, urgent examination and urgent medical treatment.

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