Is It Possible to Treat Psychological Erectile Dysfunction without a Doctor?


Even ancient myths and legends contain mentioning about men sexual disorders. Hippocrates noted that psychological impotence is the result of an extremely high level of men’s concern about their duties with a limited amount of care on the part of women. Psychological erectile dysfunction occurs due to mental disorders, which depend on violations in the sexual sphere.

Phobic Neurosis

Psychogenic impotence in most episodes occurs due to the oppression of the erection by the Central nervous system. The factors that cause the development of erectile dysfunction in men include psychoneurosis and drug dependence.

So what does the expression “phobic neurosis” mean? This phrase is explained as the fear of sexual relations. As a symptoms of psychological erectile dysfunctionresult of such fear, symptoms of a non-existent disease develop in patients. This has a negative impact on the psychological state and contributes to the development of neurosis, which needs to be treated. In this case, neurosis is no longer the cause of the disease, but the consequence of a fictional phobia. After all, with a single unsuccessful attempt, a person becomes fixated on this and becomes insecure, thinking that failures will accompany him in the future. The severe form of psychological erectile dysfunction is difficult to treat when the failure occurred during the first sex of a young man. As a result, the following sexual acts are unsuccessful. However, all these problems are the result of concentration of attention on a single unsuccessful case. It is not connected with any violations of sexual function. Thus, the patient has a short temper and exhaustion, which, in turn, has a negative impact on potency.

“Mental Paralysis”

As is known, psychological impact of erectile dysfunction is a reflection of a person’s mental state. It is associated with different emotions, namely:

  • psychological erectile dysfunction helpshame;
  • cowardice;
  • anger and fear of failure in sexual relationships.

This is considered to be the cause of erectile dysfunction in men, which should be treated. Psychological impotence most commonly affects men who set themselves extremely high standards in sex life. As a result, doubt and concern begin to develop, which lead to failure in sex. And this new failure will confirm the fictional problem that you are trying to get rid of.

A very important factor preventing the conduct of a full sexual intercourse is considered to be violations of the emotional sphere, which arise as a result of doubts and low self-esteem.

Therefore, the reasons for problems with erection are dissatisfaction with appearance, figure or genitals. Another reason may be idealization of the partner, when a person considers himself unworthy and tries to prove his perfection in bed and does not succeed. Psychogenic impotence can occur against the background of fear of unwanted pregnancy of the partner or infection of STIs, which are difficult to treat. Another reason may be sex in unusual places.

If you have any problems with potency, you should not leave this fact without attention, because the symptoms of psychological erectile dysfunction in men will not pass independently.

Return of Normal Erection

As a result of the negative impact of sexual failure on the human psyche, the treatment of psychogenic impotence should be carried out with the help of psychotherapy. This means exception of negative causes that have a negative effect on the erection, normalizing the patient’s life and sexual activity.

Psychotherapy is aimed at overcoming the fear of failure in sexual life. Discussion of all the nuances of this problem should be carried out in the presence of a partner.

In the case of mental neurosis, sedatives are prescribed in the treatment. They allow a man to reduce internal psychological impact of erectile dysfunctiontension, anxiety and fear of failure. If there are such symptoms, these drugs should be used once in 24 hours, on the eve of sexual relations. Treatment using antidepressants is possible (in some cases). These drugs are used for violations of potency, which developed against the background of depression. To increase stress men’s tolerance, doctors prescribe tonic means.

In general, when there is psychological impotence, the best option for a man is treatment, which is aimed at improving erection. In order to overcome the psychological barrier, you can use medications the action of which increases erection. After all, even seeing his penis during erection, a man feels confidence, which also has a considerable therapeutic effect.

In any case, when psychological impotence develops, it is necessary to consult a doctor for advice and treatment. After all, an adequately prescribed complex treatment contributes to the normalization of the psychological state and the restoration of excellent sexual activity.

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