Prostate Massage for Prostatitis – the Way to Fix Your Health


Every man has heard about prostate massage at least once in the lifetime. At the same time a lot of them have no idea what this is, why it’s considered very helpful and what the instructions are.

What is the Prostate Gland Massage?

Every healthy man has got the prostate gland in their crotch. Sometimes massaging this area can help to reduce pain during some illnesses. The massage lies in touching and gently pushing on the gland with fingers through rectum. Several drops of liquid normally release during the massage. This is used for further tests or just helping to normalize the function of the gland. As a rule, the massage is carried out by a doctor, but it’s acceptable to implement it at home.  The majority finds prostate massage for prostatitis very effective.

Why Is the Prostate Massage Useful?

This procedure has several advantages over other curing methods:

  • prostate massage without painHelps to eliminate extra sperm accumulated in the prostate and, as a result, helps to prevent the inflammation.
  • Reduces muscle tension and diminishes blood stagnation.
  • Assists in curing the prostatitis;
  • Makes the tension on urethra lower and normalizes urinating.
  • Reduces the risk of prostate gland cancer.

Due to the elimination of prostate function disorders while having massage regularly, man’s erectile function is getting better, so are reproductive capabilities.

Who Needs the Prostate Gland Massage?

Prostate massage is recommended if you have any of the following indications:

  1. Chronic prostatitis.
  2. The need to obtain a secretion produced by the prostate for laboratory tests.
  3. Prevention of diseases of the prostate.
  4. Vesiculitis (inflammatory process in the seminal vesicles) which is not at the acute stage.
  5. Violations of potency associated with pathological processes in the prostate.

Before the procedure it is very desirable to consult a doctor, as mechanical action on the body is contraindicated in some pathological conditions. You shouldn’t try prostate massage if you’re:

  • Having signs of prostatitis, occurring in an acute form.
  • Experiencing other inflammatory processes of reproductive organs in the acute stage.
  • Feeling presence of stones or cysts in the massaged area.
  • Sick with tuberculosis or prostate cancer.
  • Having delayed urination.
  • Having hemorrhoids in acute form, proctitis, anal fissures and other rectal diseases.

Thus, in some diseases, massage can be allowed and prohibited: it all depends on the stage and form of the disease. Therefore, if you have a question, whether it is possible to do prostate massage with hemorrhoids or other chronic processes, you should contact your doctor for an accurate answer. Remember that prostate massage good for prostatitis but only if it’s chronic

How to Perform Prostate Gland Massage?

prostate massageGiven some difficulty in accessing the area where the prostate gland is located, massage of this gland is carried out through the rectum. First, the specialist puts a glove on his hand. The patient takes the knee-elbow position on the couch (in some cases, it is also allowed to pose on the side, in which the knees should be tightened to the body).

Then the doctor lubricates the glove with gel or vaseline, enters the index finger in the rectum. You can feel the prostate at a distance of 3 to 5 cm from the anal sphincter. After palpation of the gland in order to assess its size, consistency and other parameters, the specialist proceeds directly to the main part of the procedure. Two lobes of the gland are massaged alternately, while massage movements are performed in the direction of the exit ducts of the prostate.

At the very beginning of the procedure, the movement on the massaged organ should be weak and gentle, then the pressure should be increased, focusing on the possible pain of the patient. Prostate massage is performed for a short time — about 1-2 minutes. It is recommended to repeat the procedure after one or two days, and the number of sessions can vary from 10 to 15, depending on the effect achieved.

How Does It Feel?

massage for prostatitisDo men like prostate massage? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, because the range of sensations depends on the presence or absence of pathological processes in the gland and many other factors. For example, prostate massage for prostatitis is good but may feel bad due to the inflammatory process.

It is essential to remember the precautions and perform the massage preferably only if you know how to do it. It is possible to carry out massage movements on your own but it’s better to consult a doctor first. When carrying out the procedure yourself, it is necessary to use gloves purchased at the pharmacy. If you experience intense pain, any pressure on the massaged area has to be stopped immediately. One more requirement to perform the procedure is preliminary bowel cleansing. At the same time, it is not necessary to make the cleansing, because the gland is located close enough to the anus.

The bladder, on the contrary, it is very desirable to leave filled — this will increase the effectiveness while prostate massage for prostatitis performing.

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