Painful Urination in Men – What is the cause?


Normally the process of urination is not to accompany by any discomfort. If a man experiences some painful and burning urination, it must be right to be concerned.

Causes for Pain

In some cases, painful urination in man may appear after spicy food, hypothermia, urination in the cold. Such conditions passes very quickly without any consequences. But more often it can be the result of infectious-inflammatory diseases of urinary tract.

Acute and Chronic Urethritis

Urethritis is an inflammation of urethra (urinary canal). It is commonly caused by bacteria that enter the urethra from skin around its opening. Symptoms of disease depends on bacteria type:

  • painful urination in guy at nightGonococcus which is causative agent of gonorrhea may cause burning and painful sensation during urination accompanied by false impulses and discharge of gleets.
  • Trichomoniasis can be reflected in foamy discharge of yellow-green hue accompanied by genitals itching.
  • If disease is conditional by chlamydia there can be observed severe pain in central lower part of the abdomen with a strong odor. Joints can be affected.
  • Nowadays fungal diseases (such as thrush) are quite common and can be reflected in cheesy plague on glans penis, redness, itching during intercourse. Earlier the thrush was more common among women but in recent years it has spread far and wide among men.

Kidney Stones and Sand Moving

Passage of stones and sand down the ureter can cause spasms and irritation. It accompanied by pain in low back and blood in the urine.

Prostatitis and Inflammation of Prostate Gland

Among symptoms of prostatitis there can be pain and burning during urination. These pathologies are always followed by other complaints such as nagging pain in the perineum and the lower abdomen, problems with potency and rise in temperature.

Urethral Stricture

Urethral stricture is a narrowing of urethra, which causes blocked or reduced flow of urine. It can appear after injury or inflammation. This disease is accompanied by restricted urine flow, difficulties with urination, pain and burning, feeling of incomplete bladder emptying after urination, spraying or a double stream of urine.

Traumas and Catheter Insertion Consequences

Against traumas of the groin area and catheter insertion there can be observed some damage of urethra mucosa which is reversible. It can be followed by pain and burning.

Diagnosis and Instrumental Methods of Research

In order to make proper diagnosis of painful urination in males it is necessary to define all the accompanying symptoms and conduct instrumental and laboratory research.

  1. painful urination in guyIn case of urethritis swab from urethra can help to define the bacteria causing the infection and prescribe proper antibiotic medication.
  2. With urolithiasis it is recommended to take ultrasound investigation and abdominal X-rays. They help to define the localization of concrements and determine proper treatment.
  3. If painful urination is results from prostatitis and inflammation of prostate glant, doctor can perform a physical test including a prostate exam to check the prostate for enlargement and degree of inflammation. The diagnosis is confirmed by ultrasound investigation.
  4. With urethral stricture the diagnosis can be made by ultrasound and contrasting urography.


If a man experiences painful and burning urination it is necessary to seek medical care for thorough examination. It is completely unacceptable to leave these symptoms with no attention. After diagnosis confirmation, doctor prescribes proper adequate treatment.

Urethritis is treated by antibiotics depending on bacteria type. Full recovery is quite possible with timely treatment. Low-intensity and chronic processes are more difficult for treatment and require some additional efforts (stimulate, strengthening, medical adaptogens). Ultrasound fragmentation of kidney stones is widely used now. If localization of stones makes it difficult to focus on some concrement due to its high mobility, urologist can perform a shock wave therapy called lithotripsy by imposing special instruments into the bladder. This is a treatment that breaks the kidney stone into smaller pieces and allow it to pass.

painful urination in maleProstate pathology. Comprehensive approach is required in the treatment of prostatitis. In addition to antibiotics it is recommended to take strengthening and physiotherapeutic procedures and prostate massage through the rectum. Nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs and alpa blockers are prescribed in cases of severe inflammation. Electrical stimulation also helps to recover. Effectiveness of activities undertaken depends on the stage and degree of its intensity.

Urethral stricture. Laser correction has wide application in the treatment of urethral stricture. Urethroplasty is an option for longer, more severe strictures. This procedure involves removing affected tissue and reconstructing the urethra by donor tissue of the patient himself. Results vary based on structure size but tend to be successful in most cases. Catheter insertion consequences. As a rule, burning and pain after catheter insertion don’t demand any additional and special treatment. But you must be absolutely sure that there is no inflammation process and cause of pain is connected only with catheter. Sometimes in order to prevent inflammation you can be prescribed with short course of preventing medical treatment.

Projection and Prevention of Pain During Urination in Male

Painful urination due to a bacterial infection usually improves fairly quickly after you start taking medication.  It is very important not to ignore inflammatory process and medicate himself. To prevent disease it is necessary:

  • Keep genital hygiene;
  • Try not to get cold;
  • Avoid multiple sexual partners;
  • Get timely treatment.

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