Is Painful Sex For Men Can be Normal?


Painful sex occurs for different reasons. But in most cases, it indicates a condition asking for treatment. Unpleasant feelings differ in character. Settled in the glans penis area or sensed along the shaft itself, felt as lancinating or stinging pain, occurring only during sexual intercourse or as soon as erection happens. Everything mentioned above is to be considered while determining the actual cause.

Most conditions responsible for painful sex in men develop other symptoms that can be easily detected during inspection. Possible causes include:

  • painful sex in guytoo tight foreskin
  • sores on the penile frenulum (mostly breakings)
  • groin, mons pubis injuries (blows, bruises)
  • inflammation of genitourinary system
  • glans is not completely exposed
  • STI
  • frenulum breve
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • distended penile veins
  • vascular system pathology
  • various tumors and more

The pain in between legs is abnormal feeling whatever the cause. In addition, almost every cause needs professional intervention. Attempts to solve the problem yourself may result in time waste at best, otherwise complications and decreased sexual function.

The Problem is ‘Plain to See’

More often stinging, burning, or lancinating surface pain during sex is due to various glans skin and foreskin injuries/damages. These lesions can often be easily noticed when examining the penis carefully. Both the nature of these injuries and accompanying symptoms vary. Some of the possible causes of painful sex for guy are as follows:

  1. Phimosis. In most cases, this is an innate abnormality of prepuce fold development. Meaning too tight foreskin and impaction on glans penis as an affect. Depending on the pathology degree, tightening can be mild, moderate, or severe.  This degree also defines the rate of ache. In case of mild tightness, penis, when flaccid, may not hurt. However, when erection happens, the pressure increases, and tight foreskin doesn’t let the glans out thus causing pain. By severe phimosis, necrosis may develop under foreskin ring implying not only extreme pain, but also exposing male health and live at high risk. The problem can be treated surgically.
  2. painful sex for menShort frenulum. This is also a kind of abnormality, although not as severe as phimosis. However, the condition is to be managed, otherwise skin fold breaks will turn to be a constant issue. During erection, abnormally short frenulum is exposed to stretching too intense to cope with.  As a result pain and breaking happen. In this case, frictions of the sexual intercourse will likely introduce frenulum injury. Frequent damages of the kind are both painful and dangerous as the likelihood of infections goes up.
  3. Painful sex in men may be a feedback of irritated skin. The condition is caused by different factors though they all result in pain. For example, secretion (smegma) discharged by the genital glands may accumulate between the glans penis and foreskin to trigger irritation or even balanoposthitis-noninfectious inflammation-in particularly neglected cases. This scene is often observed at phimosis. There is a possibility of infectious balanoposthitis, if it stems from pathogenic microflora. In both cases sexual intercourse will feel algetic.
  4. STI. There are a huge number of them. Every condition differs in features, contagium, flow, accompanying symptoms. But many genital infections share a common symptom-pain during sex. It is easy to detect the health issue, since the diseases of the kind are accompanied by a variety of unpleasant feelings, such as white pellets, itching, various rashes on the glans, redness, discharge from the penis, etc. Complex treatment is needed to get rid of pain coupled with other symptoms.
If painful sex for guy occurs for apparent reasons the condition is to be considered obvious and cured after seeing a corresponding doctor. However, it is not always possible to discover the reason, triggers, and the way out at once.

‘Deeper’ Causes

painful sex for guyThis category includes cases of sudden sexual pain with no good and obvious explanation. First you have to check urogenital system for inflammation. Usually, the disorder of the kind is signaled with the list of symptoms though not that obvious at the beginning. Starting inflammatory process can be manifested after extra load\action, for example, sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is necessary to get proper examination to eliminate inflammation.

Sometimes penis hurts only during sex, with no other indications when erect or atonic. The pain is of aching or pulling nature sensed deep inside the organ rather than on the surface, sometimes it irradiates to the sacrum or groin area. In this case, you should call to memory and think if any injuries, mainly blows or impactions in pelvic area, took place. The injury might seem insignificant or even is possibly overseen, but it could have impacts. A thorough examination is needed to detect hidden causes.

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