Why does Painful Ejaculation Appear?


Pain in the testicles during ejaculation can be caused by both psychological and physiological causes. Unpleasant sensations differ in intensity, duration and localization. It should be noted that pain in the right testicle during ejaculation can be a manifestation of the inflammatory process in the pelvic region, urolithiasis, kidney tumors. Sharp painful feelings appear also while testicle’s twisting. In this case, the patient will need surgery. The surgical operation prevents atrophy of the right testicle caused by impaired blood circulation.

Physiological Preconditions Before Occurrence of Vexing Sensations

Painful ejaculation can appear by various physiological causes, including anomalies in the structure of male genital organs. It is necessary to distinguish following diseases that cause occurrence of pain in the pelvic region:

  • ejaculation with painVesicles. It is characterized by the development of inflammatory changes in the field of seminal vesicles;
  • Orchitis. Here structures of bollocks are damaged. Orchitis can lead to suppuration of the testicles. The sickness is accompanied by such signs as edema of the left bollock and complaint in the groin area;
  • Epididymitis means inflammation of the epididymis. Usually swells up the right bollock;
  • Prostatitis. Inflammation of the prostate gland is detected both in young patients and in elderly men. Having prostatitis painful ejaculation is usually localized in the anus and scrotum. Main symptoms of the illness include frequent urination, impaired erectile function;
  • Prostatic hyperplasia. A benign tumor presses on a bladder and organs next to it. As a consequence, a representative of the strongest part of world feels discomfort in the process of ejaculation;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases. When they occur there is often increasing of body temperature, a patient feels pain in the area of scrotum;
  • Phimosis. Pathology can be congenital or acquired. Having phimosis it can be found that the glans is affected. The illness showed up in men of adulthood is caused by severe inflammatory changes in work of the urogenital system;
  • Cysts. Small tenderness in the scrotum is usually found with a help of simple physical examination by palpation. Cysts cause complaint in the field of reproductive organs;
  • Varikozele. Expansion of veins located in the area of the spermatic cord can lead not only to having problems in sexual life, but also to infertility.

It is futile to determine the nature of the origin of unpleasant feelings independently. So it’s impossible to make a good choice of necessary drugs for treatment.

Psychological Problems

Pain syndrome is often a consequence of psychological factors. Some couples practice interrupted sexual intercourse as a method of preventing unwanted pregnancy. Severe pain syndrome can appear because of systematic restraint of ejaculation. Prolonged sexual abstinence can cause discomfort too. Strong representatives of our planet, who are not sure of their male viability often avoid intimacy for a long time deliberately. Psychological reasons for the onset of pain syndrome include lack in satisfaction of intimate needs. If a man can not reach orgasm for a number of reasons such unfavorable symptoms may appear:

  1. Ache in the pelvic area;
  2. Showed up sensation of heaviness in the scrotum.

painful ejaculation after vasectomyA medical facility should be visited immediately if there is a pain syndrome. After collecting a complete history and visual examination a doctor appoints additional instrumental and laboratory inspections. Quite often a man should do an ultrasound examination of organs located in a small pelvis. The diagnostic procedure allows to detect malignant and benign tumors in prostate. Ultrasound gives a complete picture of how works the whole reproductive system.

If there is painful ejaculation the secretion of the prostate gland is also performed. It allows to detect the presence of harmful microorganisms. Immunoenzymatic analysis is performed while aching in the perineum and giving off to the genital organ and scrotum. The inspection helps to detect the presence of pathogenic microorganisms that go inside of body while sexual intercourse.

With a help of a general blood test, you can identify the presence of an inflammatory process that provoked discomfort during urination. The above procedures are included in the standard diagnostic scheme. In some cases a patient is recommended to experience urethrocystoscopy. It is done with a help of a modern optical device, which is equipped with a video camera with illumination. Urethrocystoscopy allows a detailed examination of the bladder and urethra.

How to Deal with the Problem?

A man is recommended to abandon pernicious habits, to protect himself from nervous overexcitation. Otherwise it can be painful ejaculation after drinking alcohol. This will improve the effectiveness of treatment. The duration of the therapeutic course is set individually.

When there is ache in the testicles or even swelling of it, complex treatment is indicated. In most cases it contains visiting physiotherapy sessions and taking medications. The choice of a specific treatment scheme depends on cause of pain syndrome, presence of concomitant diseases, neglect of the problem. For example it can be painful ejaculation after vasectomy.

The main goals of therapy are: elimination of the root cause of pathology, preventing the occurrence of discomfort in future. If somebody has pain in the left or right testicle during ejaculation, do not postpone visit to an urologist. Otherwise, the patient may experience such pathologies as infertility, premature ejaculation, decreased sexual desire, decrease of testosterone in the body and cancer.

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