Why do Men Have Pain in Penile Head?


If a man has an ache in the head of the penis, he cannot ignore the condition. First of all, the question is, what’s the reason for that, is it dangerous, how to get rid of the obsessive symptom. Let’s try to answer these questions.

Possible Diseases

Among anatomical features peculiar to the glans penis, there’s a plethora of nerve endings in it. It’s due to the extreme sensitivity of this portion and, therefore, there are painful sensations in negative circumstances and traumatic experiences. Possible causes of pain in penile head are as follows:

  1. strong pain in penile headVarious microtrauma caused, for instance, by friction during intercourse. If a woman has no sufficient natural lubrication, the penis will be inserted with effort. This may result in skin irritation of penis, microcracks in the foreskin area, tiny hematomas. All this can provoke symptoms of pain.
  2. Penis injuries are more significant than in the previous case. For example, an abnormal curvature of the penis during intercourse or external mechanical damage may also cause pain in the head area.
  3. Balanitis is an inflammation of the penile head, which can have non-infectious or infectious nature. In the first case, it’s often caused by the lack of hygiene of the intimate area, resulting with accumulation of secretion of sexual glands, epithelial cells, sweat, etc. In the second case,an inflammation occurs due to lesion by pathogenic microorganisms, most often by fungi or bacteria. Consequently, rash and white coating show up on the glans penis.

In addition, this symptom may indicate a variety of diseases or pathological processes, such as:

  • Prostatitis (the left testicle can swell, there can be severe pains in prostate oringen);
  • Priapism (a symptom of some diseases);
  • Infectious diseases (glans penis’s skin peels off, various kinds of eruptions or itching occur in testicles);
  • Skin diseases (bosselationson the penis);
  • Сancer;
  • Peyronie’s disease, etc.

A physician’s duty is to correctly identify the reason why penile head hurts, following proper examination, collection of test results and all appropriate studies. It’s crucial to assess the presence of other symptoms, if any. Even if the painful sensations are the only problem, one should consult a physician, especially if they do not subside for several days.

What do Other Symptoms Indicate?

Inflammatory processes, as well as various infectious diseases, are often accompanied by several symptoms. Most often, painful condition in penile head is caused rather by them, than by any independent sign of the disease. Thus, for example, penile head or foreskin inflammation leads to skin irritation. Given specific sensitivity in the head area, sensation of pain is quite natural. That being said, there are such symptoms as:

  1. penile head hurtsRubefaction of the head;
  2. Discomfort or burning in the urethra;
  3. Edematous condition (sometimes the whole penis swells up);
  4. Infected fluids;
  5. Painful urination, etc.
This problem is easily treatable, especially in non-infectious case. Anyway, the sooner you launch a therapy, the less time and effort you will have to spend on it.

Vesicle calcification may cause a burning sensation or pain in this area. Lithotomy Inflicts much pain during the entire course of the procedure with the final destination in urethra. In this case, it’s not just about an aching condition in penile head, but rather about vesicle calcification which symptoms occur long before it provokes irritation of the urethra. In this situation, the symptoms are as follows:

Cancer may be one of the reasons penile head hurts. This is the most dangerous and grave condition of possible diseases. The situation gets more complicated also by the fact that malignant tumors may be untraceable for a long time. When painful sensations become apparent, the illness commonly gets into an extensive stage. The ache in this case is of an increasing nature, and at a certain point it ceases to be subsided by any means except for super potent narcotic drugs.

Avoid wasting time and hurting yourself with self-medication. You’d better see a physician right away as soon as a warning sign appears. Perhaps the problem will be insignificant, and the treatment will not require much effort. It is vital to understand that any negative processes and diseases in the intimate sphere can have grave consequences in the long term which are dangerous for a man,causing medical problems with urinary system, sexual function disorder, sometimes infertility. If you start the therapy in time and get it done, then you can cure almost everything.

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