Olive oil for Erectile Dysfunction – Is it Helpful Remedies?


Of all the types of vegetable fat, olive oil ranks first by its usefulness. It is best suited for the human body, so is recommended for the use in a variety of diets. People who thoroughly care about their health are aware of the beneficial properties of olive oil – therefore, they prefer it to all the other fats, excluding them fully or partially.

The Beneficial Properties of Olive Oil for Male Potency

best olive oil for erectile dysfunctionIt’s a commonly known fact that olive oil is good for erectile dysfunction. Indeed, in countries where there are olives, men almost don’t face any problems in sexual sphere and are known for their passionate temperament. The health of the male genitourinary system requires especially careful approach, because the disorders of these organs entail a great many other problems: physical illness and negative psychological changes. After all, a man who lacks the sexual side of life due to health problems (or it has serious shortcomings) feels defective, he becomes irritable, there may appear depression.

What useful properties are there in olive oil for erectile dysfunction? It can help men to regain all the joy and pleasure of active sex life. The benefits of olive oil for men are accounted for by its composition and properties. There is a great deal of vitamin E and other vitamins: A, B, C, D, K. It is also abundant in minerals and trace elements. Olive oil has special properties due to which it improves sexual life of men. Here are the main benefits of this product:

  • olive oil is good for erectile dysfunctionit normalizes the process of metabolism;
  • improves hormonal balance;
  • activates the production of the male hormone testosterone, which makes a man feel sexual attraction;
  • contributes to the tone of blood vessels, causing the blood to flow to the genitals more actively and thus enhancing the quality of erection;
  • binds and removes from the body free radicals;
  • positively affects the process of cleansing the liver;
  • lowers the level of cholesterol;
  • takes part in the processes related to the extension of youth and life.

How to Choose Olive Oil?

If you need olive oil for the use in a fresh kind, for example, to make salads, then the best option would be a bottle labeled “Extra Virgin”. Such olive oil will be very useful for men, as it is unrefined and low-acid – it contains no more than 0.8% of acid. For the production of such oil, they apply the technology of mechanical cold pressing, which preserves all the beneficial ingredients of olives. The benefits for men remain in this product in full. However, its price is also rather high. For cooking, you can use Pomace Olive Oil. Of course, it has the composition of nutrients lower than that of Extra Virgin, but still it is quite acceptable.

Olive Oil for Erectile Dysfunction: the Best Recipes

for erectile dysfunction olive oilIn order for olive oil to cause beneficial effects, it is best to replace with it all vegetable fats in your diet. It can be used for making a salad; it can be added to side dishes, marinades, sauces; you can cook meat, fish and vegetables using it. There are also many recipes that enhance sexual capabilities of men. We will provide some examples of the best and most simple of them:

  1. Mix Extra Virgin Oil with a floral honey and walnuts, give it some time to infuse, then take this mixture daily.
  2. A good aphrodisiac is also a dressing of olive oil combined with garlic.
  3. Bake in the oven seafood and tomatoes separately. As a dressing you can use raw olive oil added by fried onions, lemon juice, parsley, and celery.

Now you know how useful olive oil is and how it is best used for increasing the potency.

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