Nuts for Erectile Dysfunction – Home Remedies that Will save Your Potency


Are nuts efficient when it comes to curing impotency? Everybody knows that nuts are very healthy, tasty and nutritious. They are rich with a lot of elements and substances that have an impact on man’s body. Are all the nuts good for erectile dysfunction?

Which Nuts Are Good for Men?

There are a lot of products that are irreplaceable for us. Dill, garlic, ginger, flax seeds, onion – all these things are natural medication for impotence treatment. So as to nuts, they are pretty unique. It is been known for many years that nuts are the real aphrodisiac. Some people stated that nuts are the pill for almost every disease possible. They make the brain work better, the walnut even looks like human’s brain. Nowadays many types of nuts are used for curing erectile dysfunction. The following nuts can be consumed if such problem has emerged:

  1. peanuts for erectile dysfunctionPeanuts;
  2. Walnuts;
  3. Almond;
  4. Pistachios;
  5. Hazelnut;
  6. Cedar nut.

Unlike all the other nuts, the mentioned above ones are good for making semen better. If you have very serious case of impotency, you shall try cashew nuts for erectile dysfunction. There are four very helpful ingredients in them for man’s health:

  • Good fats;
  • Zink;
  • Arginine;
  • Folic acid.

Recommended amount of nuts per one day is 100 gram.


Nuts for erectile dysfunction are very efficient, and peanut is one of the most useful ones. This is not a common type of nuts. It is very close to beans concerning its characteristics. The main good feature of peanuts is 12 amino acids that cannot be produced by human body and considered irreplaceable. Peanut butter is another medication that will easily help any man to get rid of his problem. Due to the high presence of potassium it increases the resistance to stress which also have an impact on erection. If a man consumes peanuts regularly he is not going to have any problem with his penis in sexual life. Also it will be unlikely to have infertility and prostate gland adenoma. As there are a lot of Zink in these nuts, the testosterone is released more easily and more frequently, and the sexual desire becomes stronger.

It is better to use fresh nuts, not fried ones. It is recommended so because a lot of healthy elements are destructed at the time of frying. Doctors do not recommend eating red things that covers the nut as it is supposed to be very strong allergen.

Can Nuts Be Harmful?

hazelnuts for erectile dysfunctionThe doctors do not recommend overeating any of products, even if it seems healthy. Nuts are definitely one of the best products, but peanuts are extremely difficult to digest. You should consult your doctor on the question “How much peanuts are allowed to consume only for me?” He must approve the amount of nuts that will be helpful specifically for you. This product should not be consumed by people who are allergic to this nut. Allergic reaction may be severe and dangerous for your life and health, so you are definitely banned from eating doth peanut milk and peanut butter. People who suffer from diabetes and arthritis are not allowed to enjoy this food, either.

Are Almonds Helpful?

Chinese scientists have conducted a lot of experiments on almonds as super effective medication for impotency, it works like viagra. They claim that it will take you only a couple of months to feel the result. The daily norm is 30 gram of almond. Another good news are that you sex will be prolonged within 2-3 years if consuming almond on a daily basis. This magical effect is reached because there is argigine in the almonds. It positively affects blood vessels, makes them relaxed and widens them. All these are closely linked to the question of potency. Make sure you are eating almonds 20 minutes before eating breakfast, dinner or any other meal during the day. If you eat almonds after that, your bowels are not going to make it easily.


It is obvious and quite transparent that this nut is good for man’s health. This product contains many random vitamins and microelements that cannot be replaced by any other food. The blood circulates well when the hazelnuts are eaten every day. That is why hazelnut can be consumed as s preventive measure. To cure impotency, it is recommended to have at least 50 gram of this product every day. These nuts are rich with fiber. If you are too harsh with fiber, you take risk having:

  1. cedar nuts for erectile dysfunctionNausea;
  2. Gas emergence;
  3. Constipations;
  4. Potency problems.

It is better to eat young and fresh nuts, not the ones that are old and not crispy. Such nuts contain the biggest amount of useful elements. Refrain from eating hazelnut if you are older than 6o, having allergy on nuts or certain troubles with the stomach.

The Healthiness of Cedar Nut

This product is very useful for man for the following reasons: it contains vitamin E, a lot of Zink and vitamin A. Exactly these elements are needed for curing the erectile dysfunction. What I more, cedar nuts can help the patient to strengthen the walls of his blood vessels and make them more elastic. This type of nuts also help making bad cholesterol leave the man’s body as quick as possible. You should remember that nuts are the product that is very caloric one. They should be consumed raw – it is better for the body of a man. Eating too much nuts may lead to hypertonic troubles and obesity.

Eat nuts for erectile dysfunction if you want your illness to go away as soon as possible. Sure, you definitely should get an appointment with the doctor, run some tests and they will reveal whether you are allergic to something, you are prone to strong health or you are prohibited to have any nuts in your daily menu.

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