Nonbacterial Prostatitis – How to Deal with Problem?


Abacterial prostatitis so called nonbacterial prostatitis is one of the forms of common male disease that also affected the younger generation. Abacterial prostatitis appears due to deformation of the muscle tissue in the prostate. Most often the abacterial form of the disease occurs because of insufficient exercises, sedentary lifestyle and recurrent stress.

How Does the Disease Come Out In?

The modern rhythm of life, excessive demands at work, frequent stresses provokes psychological disorders in men that lead to the development of abacterial prostatitis. Applying for medical assistance, a man passes a systemic evaluation, features of nonbacterial prostatitisbut in spite of characteristic symptoms, the infection is not detected. In this case, abacterial prostatitis is diagnosed. Sometimes this form is called chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Primary symptoms which detect the disease occur in the form of frequent pain in the lumbar, pelvic and perineum areas.

The patient may feel discomfort when urinary bladder emptying and almost always in sexual intimacy. Surely a man feels general weakness and, in most cases, lethargy and mood swings. At later stages of abacterial prostatitis, the symptoms become more intense. Patients often fall into a depressive state and can not sleep. They are concerned about persistent drawing pains that are only remedied for a while through pain management medications. If the disease is not treated, then a man will have chronic abacterial prostatitis and pains will be constant. This form of the disease is very difficult to treat, often the whole therapy is conducted only to eliminate the symptoms. This means that non-bacterial disease will remain for life and regular drug intake will become compulsory. To avoid this, it is necessary to timely diagnose and treat prostate gland.

How to Eliminate the Disease?

Once the physician diagnoses abacterial prostatitis, it is necessary to cure this disease.  Psychological disorders o are the main causes of abacterial prostatitis. A man has at the physiological level:

  1. Hormone and autonomic imbalance.
  2. Physiological disorders in the work of male gland.
  3. Hemodynamic imbalance cause symptoms of sexual disorders.

All this leads to additional deviations:

  • Immune disorders.
  • Prostate dystrophy development.
  • Gland sclerosis.

Abacterial prostatitis is not treated by aggressive approach even if the illness is associated with marked symptoms and therapy becomes long-term. In this case the physician changes the approach and the treatment continues. If a secondary infection appears, a drug therapy is assigned, because it is not possible without the use of antibiotics to recover from the infection. Priority methods in treatment of abacterial prostatitis are:

  1. nonbacterial prostatitis treatmentRestorative therapy.
  2. Physiotherapy.
  3. Immune system correction.
  4. Massage.

Also it is necessary to follow a diet that’s do not eat harmful food, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. It is also necessary to control water balance and eat enough cellulose. Warm baths help to reduce painful symptoms, so water treatments become obligatory. You can add herbal extracts and decoctions that have anti-inflammatory effect.

Nonbacterial prostatitis can be treated through massage, but only after disappearing of the acute symptoms. Such an affect good influences a blood flow and improves the prostate nutrition. Also, the specialists recommend to train the muscles of the pelvic floor. For this purpose it is possible to reduce pelvic muscles daily – compress and relax, it is necessary to repeat these actions at least 100 times a day.

Good results give such alternative methods: aromatherapy, hirudotherapy, phytotherapy, homeopathy and reflexology.

What Other Forms of Therapy are Applied?

When the disease is worsen due to another infection, and then therapy is carried out using powerful antibacterial drugs. The common treatment of symptoms of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis includes taking the following drugs:

  • symptoms of nonbacterial prostatitisAntibiotics. They are used to ensure as not all pathogens may be identified in the process of diagnosing nonbacterial type. In most cases the treatment course is 7-10 days, broad-spectrum drugs are assigned such as Levofloxacin.
  • Alfa-adrenoceptor blocking agents. These are drugs that can alleviate the symptoms of abacterial prostatitis. They allow to normalize the urinary bladder emptying and to reduce pain. These drugs will also positively affect the men’s libido. The treatment lasts 2-3 month. Often prescribed such drugs as Doxazosin, Tamsulosin, Alfuzozin.
  • Drugs with analgesic effect. If the symptoms of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis are insignificant, then it is assigned Analgin as it eliminates pain, fever and inflammation. Also the treatment can include such drugs as Novocaine and Diphenhydramine. Rectal suppositories with great morel have high efficiency.
  • NSAIDs and means of neuroleptic acton. In order abacterial prostatitis treatment was more effective these drugs are taken together. They restore nervous system and optimize processes of nerve fibers supply. Drugs from NSAIDs group with active substance such as meloxicam – Meloxicam, Mataren, Mesipol and some others give a really good results. You can use them to treat the inflammation of any organs, including the prostate.

As a complementary therapy to treat abacterial prostatitis there are methods of folk medicine. However, you must first consult your doctor. Some plant components can relieve unpleasant symptoms – pain, inflammation and discomfort.

To avoid the development of nonbacterial disease, a man should practise proper and sex hygiene. It is important to take care of safe sexual relationships. It is recommended to avoid promiscuous sexual relations. It is necessary for men to lead an active lifestyle, eat healthy and not neglect preventive visits to the urologist-andrologist.

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