The Best Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction


It is disgusting and humiliating to want and not to be able. The case in point is lost potency. Is it forever? Or just for some time? What is to be done? How to treat it? First of all, men, don’t at once resort to Viagra and don’t panic. It will only aggravate the problem. Yes, stress is one of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction. Calm down, take a couple of Valerian tablets or 50g of something stronger, but not anymore! Exhale, sit down, and absorb the important facts about how to increase the potency at home.

Find the Reasons

effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunctionStart carefully considering all the factors that could be the reason of your problem. Once the cause is determined, the scheme of recovery or treatment will be immediately clear. It may be that natural remedies for erectile dysfunction will be not enough, and you will have to resort to experts – don’t be afraid of it. If you have problems with urination, you need to go to the urologist. The main cause of impotence is dysfunction of the prostate gland. The diagnosis is getting younger – today it affects even young men at the age of thirty. Inflammatory processes in the testicles, urethra or bladder can also be the reason of decline in sexual life. They, too, fall within the purview of the urologist.

Having problems with erection, you also need to go through the necessary analyses concerning venereal diseases, the thing that can greatly undermine your self-esteem. If such infections take place, you are to start treatment, strictly following all the rules.

If simultaneously with the loss of potency you have a feeling of general malaise, go to the therapist or to a private lab where you have to go through all the analyses, including tumor markers. It happens that the deterioration in sexual function testifies to the development of a tumor – it is important to establish its presence at the very beginning of the process. Also, it is recommended visiting the neurologist, he can find out whether or not your condition is concerned with Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy in the early stages.

If the doctor’s conclusions indicate that there is no possibility of your having the diseases mentioned above, check the hormonal balance. It is often the case when erectile dysfunction occurs owing to the decrease in the production of male hormones or increase in that of female ones.

Proper Nutrition

If the hormonal balance is also in the norm, the impotence may be due to the internal condition and lifestyle. Adjusting your diet, day regimen, and volume of physical activity, you might feel the improvement in sexual function. So, what products can be considered natural remedies for erectile dysfunction? You need to eat:

  • popular natural remedies for erectile dysfunctionFish and seafood. Phosphorus is necessary for the proper functioning of the male genitourinary system.
  • Liver, peas, beans, cheese, walnuts – these foods are rich in zinc. It contributes to testosterone production. The synthesis of testosterone is not a permanent process. After twenty-five years, the male body reduces its production.
  • Almond, hazelnut, peanut, pistachio, sea-buckthorn, spinach, sorrel, and oatmeal are sources of vitamin E, without which there is no synthesis of male hormones.

The products affecting male potency adversely:

  1. fat and fried foods;
  2. pickles;
  3. spicy foods;
  4. alcohol.

Sports for Potency

No working out and jumps with dumbbells. Start with the more difficult – stop using a car. A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to normal sex. While you are sitting, blood circulation in the pelvic areas impairs, organs are not supplied with the necessary nutrients and oxygen, the blood gets thicker and it becomes harder for it to get to the cavernous bodies. Pressure is not gets weaker. Go on foot or ride a bicycle. The latter is immensely useful for solving your problem. But there are a few exceptions. It is not recommended riding a bicycle if you have heart diseases. And those having prostate problems should acquire a special anatomical saddle, which relieves pressure from the prostate area. This is very important, as riding with a usual saddle can cause serious harm. Swimming is of great use as well, provided you don’t have any contraindications. In fact, before each new step you should consult with a good doctor. He will find out what you are allowed to do and what would be harmful to you.

Exercises for Improving Male Potency

Apart from all that was mentioned above, you are to do special daily exercises for men. These are referred to as Kegel exercises, and they consist in training pubic-coccygeal muscle responsible for the expression of our libido. As years go by, it becomes weaker, so you can find it difficult to feel it and start straining. Check the information on how to do it on the Internet.

Sleep and Rest as the Best Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

The most important condition for stable potency is absence of stress. At the time of treatment it is better to take a vacation at work. Light sedatives are also acceptable – discuss it with your doctor. There should be no worries. It goes without saying that they will not cease themselves, but you can try to take them less seriously. You can even try yoga. The duration of your sleep must be ten hours or more. A lack of sleep is a major source of stress – it should definitely be eliminated.

Drugs for Potency

From not very commercial preparations the following ones are worth trying:

  • best natural remedies for erectile dysfunctiona tincture of eleutherococcus;
  • a tincture of ginseng (especially recommended)

Fast-acting remedies provide a quick influx of blood to cavernous bodies – thus, there appears strong potency. Remember that before using any of remedies (whether it be a natural or medical one), you are to consult with your doctor. Among others are:

  1. Viagra (no need to explain what it is).
  2. Cialis – an effective analog; besides, there is said to be a possibility of it being taken even after drinking alcohol (which is certainly not the case with Viagra).
  3. Levitra (it has the minimum number of contraindications).

These drugs are the sales leaders; the effect of others is more specific. The choice is individual. Use these drugs only if you are certain that you cannot do without them.

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