Low Back Pain in Men – is It a Dangerous Symptom?


There are various reasons preceding spinal pain in men. The discomfort of the kind often is caused by intense physical work, overstrain, spine pathologies, and internals malfunction.

Causes of Right Side Pain

Low back pain, right side location, in men may be caused by the following diseases:

  • low back pain on one side in menHerniated disc placed in lumbar region. The growth causes pinching of the nerve terminals. If you have developed herniated disc, bloodstream is complicated resulting intensive or acute pain, swelling, and inflammation. The pathology requires a complex treatment that involves analgesics, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, and complementary medicine methods.
  • Spinal injuries. Pain indicates that mainly the right side of man’s vertebras is severed. Behind the injury a crack on the vertebra can occur, which often results in pinched nerve. If you fell down on your back or experienced a serious accident you should have your axis x-rayed or get MRI. This will help to identify the cause of the pain.
  • Degenerative disc disease. Men who have this ailment experience severe discomfort by a sudden movement, change of posture, sneezing.  It may be felt like a sudden, sharp pain often accompanied with a burning sensation. Treatment aims primarily at muscle spasm relieving and overall health improving.
  • Osteitis. By the condition, right hip or spine lesion are often observed. In addition to low back pain on one side, you may experience vomiting or nausea. Often the body temperature rises, atony and general discomfort are observed. Osteitis treatment asks for an active use of antibiotics. In advanced cases to treat a patient surgery is required.
  • low back pain on right side in menLumbar spondylosis. The disease features formation of abnormal bony outgrowths at the margins of the vertebra. If you bend forward or to the left you usually feel less to no pain. To feel better a man can roll on the left side and make himself comfortable in a fetal position. Analgesics (Ketanol, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac) are used and physiotherapy is prescribed to treat spondylosis. Acupuncture along with leech therapy stand among the recommendations.
  • Nephrocolic. Pain in the right side of the low back may indicate a calculus stuck in the renal duct. It can irradiate to the leg or groin. Nephrocolic is often accompanied by adverse symptoms, such as nausea and dizziness. Patient’s well-being restores as soon as the calculus goes away.

Unfortunately, it is quite challenging to define a true cause on your own, so when the mentioned above symptom occurs you have a reason sufficient enough to see your physician.

Drawing Pain Origins

A tensive pain is primarily caused by exhaustion, frigorism, or overstrains. The state doesn’t signal a disorder. A man just needs to take a comfortable body position to recuperate.

Men can suffer from a drawing pain in low back in case of degenerative disc disease.  The condition is characterized by vertebral cartilage destruction. Those who have developed inflammation and pain in the prostate area (prostatitis) suffer from pain in the lumbar region. Tumours of digestive organs (or urogenital organs) can also trigger unpleasant drawing feeling in the column.

What is Behind Left Side Pain?

Men can experience low back pain on left side due to the following reasons:

  1. low back pain on left side in menPyelonephritis. Left kidney is more often struck with the infection. Therefore, the pain is located in the corresponding part of the lower back. Pyelonephritis is often indicated by body temperature spikes and urination troubles. If you suspect the condition you should consult a nephrologist. Doctor will prescribe an effective antibiotic therapy coupled with other medications to improve kidney functions.
  2. Digestive tract disorders. The conditions of the kind provoke pain in the left low back area. The patient may also suffer from heartburn, indigestion, stomach discomfort. To get rid of unpleasant symptoms you need to cure what caused them, the underlying condition.
  3. Degenerative disc disease affects spine, cartilage tissue, and discs. The disease may be accompanied by sharp low back pain and decreased movement activity. To relieve the pain caused by the condition antispasmodics and analgesics are used. Sessions of acupuncture and massage are often involved.

Major conclusion is that a lumbar discomfort should not be underestimated for, apart from routine overwork, it can be triggered by severe chronic disorders.

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