The Correlation of Lack of Sleep and Erectile Dysfunction


The proper daily schedule ensures the normal health and wellbeing. Sleep and potency at the proper level for men are interrelated. Insomnia, chronic lack of sleep, constant feeling of fatigue and stress… All that leads to a general deterioration of health and decrease in sexual ability, lack of sleep can affect erectile dysfunction.

The Importance of Sleep

In terms of crazy rhythm of life men tend to do everything, sacrificing rest and sleep. Many sleep only on the weekend, and the result of this way of life is constant fatigue, weakness of the body and, ultimately, failures in private life. Thanks to the sleep, man is recovering and preserving his strength for the new working day. This period produces the necessary substances for life – somatropin, melatonin. In a deep phase testosterone is produced – the hormone responsible for men’s sexual activity. The total benefit of the physical health lies in the following factors:

  • lack of sleep erectile dysfunctionproper rest helps to slow the aging process;
  • the heart and vascular system work better;
  • blood circulation become active;
  • having enough sleep, people minimize the risk of such conditions as weakness, short attention, fatigue, increased aggression;
  • regular sleep helps to prevent insomnia, which is often difficult to handle;
  • it improves the immune system.

Sleep is very important for the psychological and emotional state:

  1. well-rested person feels good, it improves the mood, he is ready to confront the obstacles;
  2. rested man thinks clearly, he is able to move to the target
  3. normal sleep sustains tone and vitality.

The Impact on Potency

The positive effect of sleep on the potency lies in 3 factors. They are: duration, position of the body, the quality of sleep. With the proper observance of these conditions there appears not only recreation, but also active production of testosterone. The chronic lack of sleep has a negative effect on male viability, causing heart diseases, and emotional state that is incompatible with normal sex life. If the lack of sleep is caused solely by lack of time, the problem can be coped with by means of correction of a daily regime. But the insomnia is the condition more severe and requires attention. The main factors that prevent normal sleep are:

  • erectile dysfunction lack of sleep treatmentExcessive physical activity before bedtime;
  • Drinking coffee and strong tea;
  • Noise and extraneous sounds;
  • Sedentary life;
  • Bad habits;
  • Strong emotional experience, regular stress, depression.

Before you resort to medication, you should try to restore restful sleep on your own. It is necessary to exclude some harmful factors, to provide the bedroom with fresh air. Emotional experiences are more difficult to deal with, but meditation, aromatherapy and favorite hobbies can kind of help to get rid of the effects of stress and anxiety.

If these steps do not help, then it’s time to seek help from professionals. You must not resort to drugs, sedatives and antidepressants. These medications have the widest range of the contraindications and side effects. Incorrectly selected tablets and errors in dosage lead to irreparable consequences.

How much You Need to Sleep for a Good Erection?

Libido depends on the level of testosterone in the blood, stable erection depends on the normal blood supply to the genitals and pelvic organs. Both of these factors are provided by a good sleep. It is proved that it takes 7 hours for a person to restore energy and rest. However, apart from a lack of sleep causing erectile dysfunction, normal potency and a good erection depends on two more factors. The first is the position of the body. Optimal posture is the lying on the side. Less effective is sleeping on the back. Some of the options for the location of the body during sleep have a negative impact on erections:

  1. erectile dysfunction lack of sleepLying on the stomach. At this point bladder is compressed, and processes of blood circulation are disturbed due to the weight of the male body;
  2. Half-sitting. If the head is located high, blood supply of the brain is disturbed.

The second factor affecting sexual function is quality of sleep. Sometimes after 12 hours, the man still wakes up overwhelmed and exhausted. If a man is sleeping in the room where the light is lit, it not only affects sleep, but it also decreases the production of sex hormones produced best in total darkness. Noise also has an adverse effect. It triggers the production of cortisol, a stress hormone.

The Best Hours for Sleep

According to research, night sleep affects the potency best. Also useful is a day sleep in the period from 13.00 to 15.00. This is due to human biorhythms, the body temperature drops, so do the physical and mental activity; there appears mood. The body sends a signal to sleep. Various sources recommend men to go to bed in the interval from 21.00 to 23.00 at the latest. This regime not only improves the intimate side of life, but also increases fertility. It is also recommended to wake up no later than at 5-6 in the morning to maximize the proper functioning of the body. If you comply with all these rules, a lack of sleep causing erectile dysfunction is sure not to disturb you.

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