Itchy Penile Head – Is There Salvation?


One of the most common urological problems in male is itchy penile head. It is very unpleasant to experience because of those inconveniences it triggers. In most cases, it’s being just a symptom of more serious disease. A patient becomes uneasy, shy and out of habitual daily life, while his state of health is worsening. The irritation occurs unexpectedly and causes a lot of discomfort.

The Main Reasons

To ascertain the source of unpleasant feelings is the first thing to do in case you confront this symptom. Frequently, the itchiness is entailed by the following deviations:

  • itchy penile head with no rashNot keeping to the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Too tight and uncomfortable underwear;
  • Allergic reaction, redness and puffiness;
  • Consuming too much spicy food;
  • Vividly expressed nervous overstrain;
  • Mucous membrane trauma;
  • Intense sexual contact;
  • Pediculosis;
  • Yeast infection;
  • Balanitis;
  • Chronic alcoholism;
  • Significant overcooling.

Itchy penis head doesn’t necessarily mean the presence of some sort of illness. Sometimes it’s triggered by showering too seldom and not washing this organ deliberately. Acids contained in urine, sperm and vaginal liquids from the partner serve as the best place for infections to develop – staphylococcus and streptococcus are among them.

itchy penis headSometimes the reason of crotch discomfort is as simple as wearing very skinny panties made from unnatural materials. Such underwear causes irritations, chafes and even sores. Moreover, you should always stick to tested and approved soaps for intimate hygiene, because they often are very aggressive, that hugely affects delicate penis skin, provoking allergic reaction. Another reason the attention always misses is uncontrolled medicine taking. There are many cases of side effects expressed in itchiness. That’s why pills don’t have to be taken without doctor supervision.

If you can’t live without eating something spicy, you are highly prone to having itchy penile head with rash. That may happen because the spices and seasonings alter PH-balance of urine and it entails penis rash and constant desire to scratch it. It also may give you trouble urination due to burning sensation. In case you’re working too much or have argued with someone very strongly, the itch can be the consequence of your stress. That happens because of corrected blood ingredients due to emotional changes.

What Are the Symptoms?

When the itchiness is caused by an ailment, mostly that’s sexually transmitted disease. Besides the main sensation, the redness of mucous tissue, pain while urinating and inside the urethra are also present. The man can experience this symptom after sudden depression of immunity leading to candidiasis. It gets into the body after an unprotected sexual intercourse. But in most cases, you can face that problem after visiting dirty restrooms, wearing inappropriate underwear or prolonged antibiotics taking. Then the pathology is revealed by irritated piece of skin, whitish excretions from the penis, the presence of spots of different shapes and hues of red, which little by little exfoliate from skin.

Itchy penile head with no rash is almost always caused by the urethritis with distinct inflammatory process. It is contagious, so it’s very easy to catch during sexual contact, but also you can get it on your own. The most common expressions of this unpleasant process are:

  1. Painful urination;
  2. Constant desire to pee;
  3. Puss excretion from the penis head;
  4. Disgusting smell;
  5. Discomfort and pain during sexual contact.

Diagnose and Treatment

If you feel the itchiness of the penis, you mustn’t neglect it and try to distract yourself. Do not even try to consider yourself smarter than the urologist, diagnose yourself and get medications. Right after you understand that there’s something wrong with your penis, you should immediately contact the doctor. This is very important because your sexual partner is also in danger – for as long as you have no idea what illness you have. In order to diagnose a patient the urologist runs blood test, general urine test, excretions test and other. When the doctor is sure about your diagnose you’ll be cured with the use of:

  • itchy penile head with rashAntivirus medications;
  • Antibacterial pills;
  • Disinfecting balms and lotions;
  • Inflammation fighting medications;
  • Immunostimulants;
  • Antihistamine pills.

If case there’s an infection in your body, you partner should also visit her doctor and get the treatment from the same illness. Even when she doesn’t feel anything weird in her vagina, she needs to make a doctor appointment. Some ailments are characterized with the incubation period, some of them are aggressive right away. So unfortunately, wasted time and postponing can cost you very much, and the chronic disease is much harder to cure.

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