Best Home Remedies for Prostatitis


People have been curing prostatitis with homemade recipes for centuries. Tinctures and decoctions made of leaves, flowers, roots and fruits of random trees and bushed help the sick man to make his health better. Nowadays we can find a lot of pills at drugstores that contain natural elements in them. This means that plants are the best home remedies for prostatitis.

Why It’s So Helpful?

Natural medications should be included in general course on several grounds:

  1. best home remedies for prostatitisPlant tinctures are very effective because they are characterized by detoxicating trait. Stimulating the urinary system of the patient to work, some home meds help to quickly eliminate toxins, infections, harmful microbes. Kalanchoe, watermelons, birch juice and cranberries have this trait. But the careful and attentive! It the prostatitis is accompanied by the urine retention, it can be extremely dangerous to stimulate the excretory system at home.
  2. Homemade decoctions assist in curing the prostatitis by means of reducing of diminishing the inflammation process of the prostate gland tissues.  Using some of plants and roots it’s possible to improve blood and lymph circulating in tissues of ill gland, and decrease the size of clots. Honey, propolis, chamomile, green tea, sage, bearberry fearlessly fight with any inflammation.
  3. The infection type of this disease is greatly painful and might also be treated with home remedies for chronic prostatitis pain. Aloe, ginger root, cranberries, lemon, honey, mint and ginseng influence the prostatitis well.

10 Best Options for Treating Prostatitis at Home

To provide an example of the best meds not from drugstores for this man ailment, please note that every one of the following recipes is 100% useful. The ingredients for home remedies for prostatitis are not difficult to find. You can collect them on the field on your own and make them dry or just buy in almost every drugstore. The plant are easy to prepare, and they are completely harmless. The only restriction appears when it comes to consuming homemade liquids Is medical conditions. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the components.

  • home remedies for treatment prostatitisKalanhoe juice. The simplest and the most effective remedy is kalanchoe juice. This plant doesn’t demand special skills to cook it properly. Take one big kalanchoe leave, squeeze the juice out of it into the glass of warm water, then drink it up. The ready-made juices of this type is very popular nowadays. Kalanchoe decreases the inflammation and is making the Immune system stronger.
  • Walnuts. When suffering from the prostatitis, make sure you are consuming enough nuts, especially walnuts. They are better digested if eaten with honey. Take one handful of the nuts and two tablespoons of honey. Walnuts can be consumed as a tincture: you’ll need a handful of partitions from this nut and 8 kernels of it. Pour 3 glasses of clean warm water, add some honey and put it on a low flame for 30 minutes.
  • Cranberry infusion. The berries of the cranberry bush are super rich on anti-inflammatory processes elements. It you are planning to cure or decrease your painful symptom, have several fresh cranberry leaves and the berries themselves. 6 tablespoons of totally dry ingredients would be sufficient. Boil the water and pour 4 glasses of hot water into the mixture. Then the mix needs to be put on the stove. The remedy is gone in 20 minutes. The patient should be taking the liquid 3 times a day before eating.
  • Bee pollen. You are a lucky person if you have your own apiary. In case you don’t – no worries, you can just buy it at the specialized stores. It is already packed and not characterized by very high price. In order to use it as one of home remedies for prostatitis pain, the patient has to follow the rules: one or two teaspoons of pollen are to dissolve in a glass of warm water, and this mixture is taken prandial. This medication is advised to be taken by every man in his forties as a great option to avoid having prostatitis.

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