How does hemorrhoid affect men’s potency?


Hemorrhoids often appear in men of mature age. However, this problem can also occur in young patients. Today, many men who suffer from this unpleasant and annoying disease are interested in how hemorrhoids affect potency. Sedentary lifestyle, spending many hours at the computer and low mobility when driving a car cause the development of hemorrhoids and many complications. Can the male reproductive system function normally in this condition?

Is there a Connection Between Hemorrhoids and Potency?

According to experts, there is no direct connection between hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction. However, if we consider this issue much deeper, the negative impact of hemorrhoids on sex life becomes obvious.

The initial stages of the disease often go unnoticed, and men often do not pay attention to discomfort in the anal erectile dysfunction and hemorrhoidscanal. At this stage of development of the disease, the sexual system functions quite normally. But with the exacerbation of hemorrhoids, inflammation develops, and the man begins to feel pain in the perineum and in the anal canal.

During sexual intercourse, the muscles of the perineum and groin are strained. The man, who has hemorrhoids, feels severe pain with such muscle tension. This, of course, affects the psycho-emotional state. As a result of painful sensations, the erection decreases, and sometimes it can even disappear. Thus, hemorrhoids are causing erectile dysfunction indirectly. In the presence of the disease, active movements during sexual intercourse do not bring satisfaction to the man, but only discomfort.

Hemorrhoids also contribute to the development of concomitant diseases of the genitourinary system, which directly affect the potency. As a result of the development of prostatitis on the background of hemorrhoids, there are problems in sexual life. Weak potency against hemorrhoids is a pattern, which is confirmed by many observations.

What Could Be the Interrelation?

Today, information about the interrelation of hemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction worries many men around the world. Proctologists argue that the pathology of the rectal veins covers only the anus and anal canal. That is, the hemorrhoids cause erectile dysfunctionpresence of hemorrhoids can not affect the male libido. But it is the tension of the muscles of the perineum during sexual intercourse that leads to severe pain during sex. Thus, the sexual function is suppressed.

Hemorrhoids cannot have a pathological effect on sexual function. However hemorrhoids are causing erectile dysfunction through the psycho-emotional disorders due to discomfort and pain. Such indirect factors have a very negative impact on the sexual life of men.

During sexual intercourse, the tension of the inguinal muscles and the muscles of the perineum causes severe pain. Pleasure ends in pain, which upsets the man. Therefore, such patients try to avoid sex life. Discomfort during sexual intercourse give rise to the rejection of regular sex, and lowered sexual desire. Potency and libido largely depend on psychological factors. The negative impact of hemorrhoids on potency is obvious, despite the arguments of some proctologists.

What to Do?

To avoid problems with potency, it is very important to start timely treatment of hemorrhoids. To do this, contact a hemorrhoids impact on erectile dysfunctionqualified doctor who will conduct the necessary diagnosis of the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. The measures taken in time will eliminate pain in the perineum during sexual intercourse, inflammation in the anal canal and hemorrhoids.

It is also important to completely eliminate the factors that affect the development of hemorrhoids. It is necessary to lead a mobile lifestyle and move more. It is helpful to engage in physical therapy. Special exercises will help to remove stagnation of blood in hemorrhoids and pelvic organs. As a result of sports exercises, the blood in the pelvis and in the anal canal will begin to circulate properly.

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