Why do Men Have Groin Pain?


Groin pain in men can have different character, the degree of intensity as well as different reasons that caused it.  What unites them, perhaps this is only one thing – they are never normal and thus require treatment. It should be noted that there are a lot of reasons that can cause pain in the area of inguinal fold in men. Depending on what was the reason for unpleasant sensations, doctors provide one or another type of treatment. Here are just some of the possible causes:

  • groin pain after alcoholmechanical trauma (impact, stretching);
  • inflammation of adjacent organs (testes, glands, urethra and etc.);
  • inguinal hernia;
  • malignant tumor;
  • prostate abscess;
  • pinched nerve of penis;
  • muscle rupture;
  • diseases of straight intestine etc.

Of course, each of these cases is fraught with complications and requires an individual approach. And if mechanical trauma is an explicit reason of which man knows, but other internal pathologies can be diagnosed only in a professional way.

However, even a slight groin pain in right side accompanied with pain, for example, a bruise, should be carefully examined by a doctor, because it is impossible in this case to get to know about the presence or absence of internal damage and complications. It is useless and dangerous to take pain management medications to eliminate unpleasant symptom, because the pain in this case is the assistant, a signal of the body about the problem. Only after the discovery of the causes and beginning of the treatment you can use medications of symptomatic effect.

What does the Nature of Pain?

groin pain in right sideAs it was said the character of pain may be different. In some cases it only marginally hampers to exercise daily functions, in other cases it becomes literally unbearable. If we talk about the characteristics of such feelings, the pain may be sharp, aching, stabbing, cutting, drawing or pressing. There is such a category as situational pain. This kind of symptom is characterized by expression under certain circumstances. For example, the pain only occurs when muscle tension or sitting position, when you are walking or having sex.

So, for example, groin pain after alcohol in men may show chronic course of inflammatory processes in the organs of the urogenital system. For example, inflammation of seminal hillock, urethritis etc. In this case, the pain will be felt particularly acute during defecation, or even just in a sitting position.

Also drawing pain is familiar to people who are involved in professional sports. Muscles stretching and tension of ligaments is accompanied by precisely this symptom.  Such damages may result other excessive physical activities. If the pain is caused by such a disease as prostatitis, apart from it, the man also faces other signs of illness, including difficult urination and scanty discharge from the penile head.

Possible Diseases

The most common diseases which cause pain between legs. Groin pain in left side can occur under the influence of various reasons and diseases, for example:

  1. groin pain in left sidevesiculitis;
  2. pathological conditions of the intestine;
  3. inflammation of genitourinary system;
  4. malignant tumors;
  5. urolithiasis;
  6. inguinal hernia;
  7. genital infections.

Severe groin pain in men also occur if there is malignant tumor in nearby organs. This primarily refers to the intestine. Bowel cancer, like any other body develops gradually, and at the initial stage it is not visible. Therefore, pain suggests that the tumor has reached a significant size and the disease has moved into a dangerous phase. At this point, man’s overall condition is worsening, body weight is decreased, a painful pallor appears and subfebrile temperature may occur. In this case, the pain will only increase.

Sharp groin pain in men sometimes suggests that there is the inflammatory process in bladder. While there are such unpleasant symptoms such as frequent (up to several times per hour) need to urinate, blood in the urine when acute conditions and increased body temperature. In this case, it is necessary to examine all male urogenital system, since this process in men occurs as a complication of other diseases.

Another probable cause of pain in the inguinal fold is inflammation of the lymph gland. It’s quite a disturbing sign, because     focus of inflammation can spread the infection through the body, or be a consequence of proceed disease in the body. In other words, infectious matter might be in cavity of lymph node in two ways – to go directly to it from the outside, or move in lymph flow from any inflamed body.

You should also be aware that inflammation of lymph nodes is often a sign of serious diseases, such as syphilis, cancer, genital infections. Therefore it is important not only to discover inflamed node, but also to establish the cause of the development of infectious process in it. Especially you should pay attention if the groin pain is accompanied with other symptoms, including fever, weakness, nausea, redness of the skin in that area, etc.

As a result there are practically no reasons accompanied by groin pain that men could decide on their own way, without participation of specialist and professional diagnosis.

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