The Benefits of Garlic for Erectile Dysfunction


Garlic is known to be a plant with numerous curative properties and therapeutic benefits. It is truly a healing and popular addition to the basic ration. Apart from being a product which has a great taste for cooking meals, the benefits of garlic for health have also been recognized and used since ancient times, showing a number of cases with a successful outcome. Garlic has a great influence on men’s potency. It is this plant that can solve a great many problems in the sexual sphere of men, affecting first of all the potency.

Is Garlic Really So Good for Erectile Dysfunction?

There is actually no impact of garlic directly on the genitourinary system, but it affects the body of men, due to the complex of useful properties. The main advantage will be its effect on the cardiovascular system. This is expressed in the change of cholesterol metabolism. Since cholesterol is reduced, blood vessels become much cleaner (hence, the risk of atherosclerosis is reduced), blood pressure normalizes, blood flow to tissues and organs improves, and thus erection in men is significantly increased.

for erectile dysfunction garlicScientific medical studies show that garlic has an effect on the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone, which in its turn has a positive effect on the sexual activity of men as well as increases the growth of muscle mass. A physically strong man with normal hormone level is less likely to have problems with potency. The optimal quantitative content of zinc in garlic is also very important for the body – the synthesis of the seminal fluid in the testicles cannot do without this trace element, which applies to the production of testosterone as well.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of garlic also prevent impotence. Infections of the genitourinary system, such as chronic prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis, can often lead to more serious health problems, including impotence. There is evidence that during the First World War, surgeons regularly used garlic juice for the treatment of wounds as an antiseptic. But in modern medical practice, it should not be a substitute for the treatment of the mentioned pathologies.

Despite the fact that in society garlic odor is not considered the most pleasant and men try to avoid it, it in fact acts as an aphrodisiac, increasing libido of both partners. This also testifies to the positive influence of garlic on the potency of men.

Using Features

The use of garlic is acceptable as a food product or as a medicinal plant and can be eaten raw or cooked in both cases. Very typical taste of raw garlic alters when cooked – it is becoming more sweet and juicy. Separate cloves can be chewed, or else garlic can be cut for adding to food. Cutting garlic into small pieces improves digestion, enhances the bioavailability of the enzymes of the plant.

garlic for erectile dysfunction causesGarlic for erectile dysfunction can be prepared in a variety of forms. In Japan, even ice cream can be made with the taste of garlic. Traditionally, it can be sliced and added to stews or grilled meat. Garlic, when roasted with a little amount of olive oil, loses its strong flavor and becomes almost sweet. In many countries it is customary to rub the bread with it, which adds to the product interesting taste and smell. Garlic can also be pickled with oils for dressing salads or just as decoration for food, or else to bring a dish its peculiar flavor.

The amount of garlic consumed varies depending on the causes of erectile dysfunction. As an alternative treatment, any doctor can help you in this matter, making an individual diet. This can be done on one’s own; however, the traditional treatment of impotence should not be neglected; therefore, to consult with a doctor is the best option. Comprehensive treatment combined with garlic as the therapeutic product is a very effective method to eliminate such an unpleasant problem as impotency.

Garlic Use for Erectile Dysfunction

There are plenty of recipes that include garlic as its main ingredient. The most popular and effective variant of using garlic as a remedy for erectile dysfunction is in the form of tincture. Let us consider the best recipes for its preparation.

Recipe No. 1. It requires 1 kilo of fresh and thoroughly cleaned garlic.

  • garlic is good for erectile dysfunctionGrind the garlic up.
  • Place it in a glass jar.
  • Pour boiled water and close the lid.
  • Leave for a month, prevented from direct sunlight (keep in a dark place or cover with paper).

It is recommended taking this tincture once a week with milk (one teaspoon of the tincture with a glass of milk).

Recipe No. 2. You will need a kilo of garlic and half a liter of vodka.

  1. Grind the garlic.
  2. Pour it with vodka for 7 days.
  3. Infusion must be in a dark place.
  4. Drain in a week.

It should be taken before meals three times a day (one tablespoon). The effects of such a tincture will not appear immediately. One has to consume garlic as often as possible – this should become a habit.

It should be noted that improvement in erection will be noticed only over time. No matter how bad the condition of potency is, garlic will in any case be beneficial, but certainly the main treatment is not to be replaced by this product. Treat properly and live healthy!

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