Food for Male Potency – The List of Useful Products


food good for male potencyIn the fast rhythm of modern life a man often faces factors that negatively affect sexual vigor. To increase the masculine strength all possible ways are used: from drugs to surgical interventions. But first you need to make changes in ration, because there is food good for male potency. A balanced diet is a prerequisite for all health systems of the human body. Eating healthy food for male potency, the man gets the macro-and microelements, vitamins, amino acids and other biologically active substances, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the reproductive organs, maintain vigor and high level of activity. Proper nutrition, avoiding bad habits and full physical activity will save you from the increasingly frequent manifestations of erectile dysfunction, and loss of sexual desire and ability for propagation. Let’s talk about best food for male potency.

What Food Ration Should Follow a Man?

Nutritious ration of not complaining on health problems man must be rich and varied enough. It should definitely include dishes made of products containing large amounts of zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and other macro-and microelements, proteins of animal and vegetable origin, natural fats, carbohydrates, and other elements that contribute to increased potency.

Food for men must be rich in vitamins needed for normal functioning of the reproductive system. First of all these are vitamin B complex, A, E, A and D.

In addition, the ration should include providing aphrodisiacs, which contain large amounts of zinc, providing normal testosterone production and high quality of sperm and raise the level of pleasure hormone – dopamine. Also, food rich in antioxidants and alkaloid theobromine has a beneficial effect on male sexual appetite. Regular intake best food for male potency contributes to:

  1. Increase of testosterone synthesis.
  2. Strengthen the walls of blood vessels and normalize the blood supply to the genitals. Improvement of the brain activity and the revitalization of the centers responsible for the sex drive and potency.
  3. Increase of semen production.
  4. Increase in sexual drive.
  5. Increase the time during which a man is able to maintain sexual activity.

So, let’s figure out what the experts recommend and whether there is any food good for male potency.


Daily ration should consist of the following vegetables:

  • food for guy potencyFruits and vegetables – carrot, beet, cabbage, onion, garlic, spinach, citrus fruits, pomegranates, melons, avocados, strawberries. You can boil or stew vegetables as well as prepare salads of fresh products with compulsory addition of spices such as cumin, cardamom, cayenne pepper, ginger.
  • Nuts — it is proved that regular consumption of walnuts, especially mixed with honey, significantly increases potency. Also, other kinds of nuts are useful: almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, pine nuts.
  • Green — some varieties of fresh green do not just supply the body with all vitamins required for male power, but also they are the powerful aphrodisiacs which are capable to increase sexual vigor, sexual ability and strength.
Parsley is unusually useful for potency – its beneficial effect is caused by the stimulation of adrenal function where testosterone is synthesized.

Celery effectively increases the potency as it contains the male sex hormone. In addition, the plant is included into number of aphrodisiacs: if it is used an hour before sex, strength and speed of the sexual desire emergence will surprise you.

Food with High Amount of Protein

Useful food for male potency should contain plenty of protein. To maintain the health of the reproductive system and to enhance sexual ability a man should eat regularly:

  • best food for male potencyMeat – recommended low-fat beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit.
  • Fish – probably the most useful for male power are mackerel and flounder because they contain a large number of vitamin E that participate in the synthesis of testosterone, as well as other microelements, capable to raise sexual drive. The fish should be boiled or stewed.
  • Seafood – shrimps, calamaries and oysters are famous for their ability to increase sexual desire and make man an incomparable lover.
  • Dairy products — sour cream is the famous best food for male potency. It is a strong natural aphrodisiac, rich with vitamins A, E and B, that are directly involved in the production of testosterone. Regular use of these products provides male body with magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine, useful proteins and organic acids.


Honey, of course, takes the first place in this list. Honey for male potency is extremely important, especially in combination with nuts. This is due to the high content of vitamins, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and other micronutrients. To maintain high potency you should daily eat a few spoonfuls of honey, add it to tea, milk and other meals. Also, cocoa and dark chocolate positively affect men’s potency.

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