Feeling of Incomplete Bladder Emptying: What Do You Need to Know?


A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying is a pathological condition when urine is not completely evacuated from the body. This symptom is caused because of many diseases. However, there are two variants of the pathogenic process. In the first case, we are talking about true incomplete bladder emptying. Such a situation associated with the inability to get out of urine from the urinary tract. In the second case it is a false condition in which the bladder is empty but there is a sensation of incomplete bladder emptying in men. The true form of pathology is more common occurred in men. What do you need to know about bladder emptying? The impossibility of the normal evacuation of urine is a disturbing sign. It always refers to a disease. The probable causes:

  • sensation of incomplete bladder emptyingBenign Prostate Hyperplasia. The most common cause of incomplete bladder emptying in men over 40. As a result of the pathological process prostate tissues grow and block the urinary tracts. It happens in the later stages of the adenoma formation. This situation is fraught with acute urinary retention and requires immediate medical attention.
  • Prostatitis. The treacherous killer of male sexual health. It disturbs the normal discharge of urine as a result of tissue proliferation. However, in this case, the process does not involve the formation of tumors. Prostate increases in volume and obstruction and compression of urine-excreting tract occurs.
  • Hypo-atony. The lack of ability of contractile bladder. As a result the urine comes out not in full volume.
  • Sexually transmitted infections. Firstly genital herpes.
  • Occlusion of urinary structures by calculus ureteric. It often causes sharp urine retention, but it is possible incomplete bladder emptying.
  • Urethra stricture.
  • Chronic prostatitis in men.

If we are talking about the wrong sensation, the causes may be different:

  1. Cystitis. Inflammation of the bladder. Irritated walls transmit false signals about replete bladder.
  2. Urethritis. Inflammation of the urethra.
  3. Prostatitis and prostate adenoma can also cause a false sensation of full bladder due to pressure on the walls of the body.
  4. Psychogenic causes.

Accompanying Symptoms

Often a feeling of incomplete bladder emptying is accompanied by a mass of symptoms:

  • feeling of incomplete bladder emptying in malePain syndrome. It is localized in the area of the pubis, penis, anus and waist. There can be moderate intensity of pain; aching or drawing one. They are intensified when a men visits toilet and during a sexual act.
  • The feeling of replete bladder. Especially if we are talking about true incomplete bladder emptying.
  • Disorders in urination process. The jet becomes sluggish as the pressure of urine falls. The process is accompanied by severe pain or even abruptly terminates at the peak of the process.
  • Erection disorders. Erection also suffers. The penis becomes hard not enough for normal sexual intercourse. Night erection disappears. The reason is purely physiological.
  • In the later stages of development the true form of the disease, the symptoms of urinary incontinence appear.
  • Imperative impulses to urinate, which do not end with success, the urine does not come out at all or is allocated in small drops.

Diagnostic Activities

The main task of diagnosis is to determine the true or false character of incomplete bladder emptying. Only then the root cause of the condition is identified. It is necessary to contact a physician-urologist for medical check.

The primary task of the patient on consultation is to provide details about his complaints to specialist. The doctor collects medical history (determines what diseases a patient suffered in the past). The existence of prostate adenoma or prostate in the anamnesis have a great diagnostic importance.  But much more common similar diseases are diagnosed just after the discovery of the described symptom. To put the point in this question, it is necessary to pass a number of examinations:

  1. feeling of incomplete bladder emptying in menUltrasound of the bladder. It is conducted immediately at the end of urination. It allows determining the presence of residual urine and its volume.
  2. Catheterization of the urinary bladder. It may be conducted instead of ultrasound, but only by indications.
  3. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs (prostate, etc.).
  4. Urography is contrast bladder radiography.
  5. Cystoscopy. Minimal invasive bladder study. It is intended to identify the structure, urinary tract obstruction and etc.
  6. Uroflowmetry. It is necessary to assess the urination intensity.

Additionally there can be held: analysis of prostate fluid, spermogram, ultrasonography.  Typically, these techniques are quite enough to solve both of the above tasks.


It is necessary to treat the original disease that caused a sensation of incomplete bladder emptying in men. To relief the condition catheterization of the body is required in order the bladder was released mechanically. Treatment causes are often involved the partial excision of the prostate gland or its complete removal (if hyperplasia), taking anti-inflammatory drugs, spasmolytics, alfa-adrenoceptor blocking agent (normalize the process of urination), antibacterial means for proven prostatitis. In the case of strictures and obstruction of the urinary tract — surgical intervention is obligatory.

Only the physician defines the therapy tactics based on the primary factor in the development of the condition. Often only medical therapy is enough.

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