Erectile Dysfunction from Prostatitis: How to Regain Sexual Desire


Prostatitis is characterized by a number of specific symptoms that affect the patient’s quality of life. First of all, the sexual capabilities of men are affected, as prostate and virility are inextricably linked. However, to restore sexual attraction to the opposite sex is possible, the main thing is a comprehensive approach to the problem and medical treatment of prostatitis, resulting in the weakening of libido.

The Reasons for the Disturbance of Potency

Whether prostatitis affects the potency is the first question asked by men faced with this disease. Prostatitis and potency are really inseparable, and the nature of this relationship is necessary to understand in order to be able to get rid of the problem.

The effect of prostatitis on the potency is directly related to the functionality of the prostate. When inflammation of the prostate takes place, there is the increase of this organ, which entails a reduction of the lumen of the urethra and the disturbance of the outflow of prostate secretion. The prostate secretion is an important component of seminal fluid. Due to this substance the desired viscosity of semen is provided, as well as the viability of the sperm for some time after ejaculation.

The most commonly disturbing symptoms of prostatitis are a burning sensation after urination and pain after ejaculation. Such symptoms are directly linked to the disturbance of the outflow of the fluid from the prostate and the increase in the size of the organ.

Purely physiological causes of reduced potency in prostatitis are a disturbance of tropism of the pelvic organs. When blood circulation in this area is affected, there is a weakening of erection. It does not disappear completely; however, for the excitation a time is needed, and erection is characterized by instability. For this reason, many men begin to consciously avoid sex. In addition, psychological aspects play an important role in reducing potency in cases of prostatitis.

Psychological Causes of the Reduced Potency

erectile dysfunction from prostatitis treatmentTo understand how prostatitis affects potency from the male physiology, it is necessary to understand the psychological nuances of this disease. First, the decrease in potency is caused by pain after ejaculation. Pain syndrome appears due to disturbance of the outflow of prostate secretion from the inflamed organ. During intercourse, a man anxiously waits for its completion, ready to face pain instead of pleasure. The subconscious relationship of pain and ejaculation makes men deliberately avoid sex, which eventually leads to a decrease and complete disappearance of potency. Not wanting to experience discomfort instead of orgasm, the patient prefers not to have sex at all.

Another psychological aspect of prostatitis is a lack of confidence in one’s own abilities. Because of dysfunction of the prostate gland there appears the instability of erection. It may be weak or vice versa – the man becomes easily excitable. Ejaculation can happen very quickly or not occur at all. The whole thing makes the patient doubt his sexual abilities. Subconscious fear not to meet the expectations of the female partner leads to the fact that men minimize sexual contact.

Thus, men suffering from chronic prostatitis are often faced with purely psychological impotence which is based on our own fears and complexes, sexual desire disappears completely.

Why Is It Important to Restore Your Potency?

In cases of prostatitis the most important role in the treatment is regular sexual life. Regular ejaculation helps to normalize the trophism of the prostate gland, which is very important for maintaining the functions of the body. In addition, during the sex act, special hormones release that positively affect the whole body and stimulate the immune system. For faster recovery when it comes to prostatitis, a man needs to have sex at least 3 times a week. It is important to normalize the outflow of the secretion of the prostate and reduce swelling of the organ. Despite the pain, each ejaculation against the background of prostatitis is accompanied by improving the functionality of the prostate. In this regard, recovery of potency after prostatitis plays an important role in treatment of this disease.

How to Restore Erectile Dysfunction from Prostatitis?

During exacerbation of the disease, to have sex is impossible. Otherwise, the may be possible aggravation of symptoms. In addition, because of the strong inflammation, pain syndrome after ejaculation increases, so intercourse does not bring the expected mental and physical pleasure but causes severe pain.

erectile dysfunction from chronic prostatitisSo, you need to consult the urologist about how to restore the erectile dysfunction after prostatitis. Usually, there is no need in medical treatment, apply home methods – a proper diet, sport. There are a number of products that have a positive effect on male potency. Additionally, it is recommended to perform the exercises to normalize blood circulation in the organs of the pelvis.

If the problem is triggered by psychological disorders, you should consult with a therapist. To normalize the potency in this case is possible by improving nervous system activity and intake of sedatives. Treatment at the psychotherapist is appointed only in case of psychological impotence, which doesn’t allow of getting rid of by oneself. Prostate massage is also a good means for treating this disease and erectile dysfunction caused by chronic prostatitis. Consult with the urologist about his remedy.

Products for Improving Potency

A number of foods that are good for men’s health positively affect the virile strength. A proper diet should be the first step towards the restoration of potency after acute prostatitis. For this purpose, include in your diet the following products:

  • erectile dysfunction from prostatitis curenuts and fruits;
  • citrus fruits;
  • herbs;
  • protein foods;
  • honey;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • fresh juices.

The most effective and delicious recipe to restore potency is nuts with honey. Place 500g of walnuts in a container and pour them with 1 liter of honey. The remedy is mixed, closed with a lid and infused for 5 days. Then take 3-4 big spoons of it daily for one month.

You should add to the recipe raisins, dried apricots and prunes. You need to take 100 grams of these ingredients and add to a container of honey. The advanced recipe of the remedy has a positive effect on the blood vessels, which effects erections very positively.

As practice shows, potency after prostatitis is restored quickly if you daily eat 2 oranges, grapefruit or lemon. Citrus fruits contain antioxidants and a special substance, which functions as an aphrodisiac. Antioxidants protect the prostate gland and improve its functionality at the same time, citrus fruits increase sexual desire and enhance erection by improving the vascular tone and normalizing blood circulation. The menu must include protein foods, especially eggs and lean red meat. For good potency, it is useful to daily eat 2 eggs and at least 200 grams of meat.

There is one more good method for quickly increasing your potency: a cup of strong coffee with pepper, cardamom and cinnamon. The combination of these ingredients is an aphrodisiac and provides a stimulating effect after half an hour. But you must not take this remedy too often. It is also contraindicated in cases of acute prostatitis.

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