Erectile Dysfunction at Young Age – How to Deal with Such Intimate Problem?


Erectile dysfunction at young age becomes a cause of melancholy, aggression, depression. There are diverse reasons which are the instigators of sexual impotence among representatives of a strong half of mankind at the age of 20, 30, 40 years. However, currently it is possible to get rid of these disorders by manifold methods.

Poor Potency at a Young Age — 20 Years

Problems with potency at the age of 20–25 years are increasingly common. It is proven that psychological impotence does not depend on age. It occurs in young boys as well as mature men. Often, psychogenic erectile dysfunction from a young age is provoked by a strict upbringing. If parents tell their child that that sex is something “bad and dirty”, the guy will be ashamed of his sexual desires and could lose the ability to have sex.

This psychological block is really so powerful that it can cause serious problems with sexual life. There are of course other factors as well.

Erectile dysfuntion depends not only on acquired diseases, injuries and other things, but the nature of sexual activity, genetic factors, psychological and biological problems. Among the causes of impotence at a young age are: diabetes, at young age erectile dysfunctioncardiovascular and neurological diseases, atherosclerosis. Also, causes of disturbance of erection in a young age may be a psychological disorder. Erectile dysfunction at early age can occur for a number of reasons:

  • bad environment;
  • occupational hazards;
  • improper lifestyle;
  • bad habits.

Sometimes the cause may be hormonal failure. If such failures occur frequently, you need to contact the doctor to correct the problem.

Causes of Impotence in 30 Years

Impotence at such a very young age can occur for the same reasons as that at 20 years. In addition, 30-years-old men also suffer from chronic fatigue, the presence of obesity, acquired chronic diseases, frequent stress, injuries. These signs indicate the necessity to see a doctor:

  1. unsatisfactory erection or its complete absence;
  2. loss of erection during sex or before it;
  3. early ejaculation or a complete lack of it.

If impotence is an isolated incident and not a regular phenomenon, you can prevent its occurrence. It’s enough to exercise, give up bad habits and follow a proper diet. A specially designed set of the exercises of Kegel will make the erection strong and will add intensity to orgasms.

Problems with Potency After 40

erectile dysfunction at young age treatmentNo matter how old a man is – whether he is 20, 40 or 60 – reduced potency is always stressful. Such a phenomenon in men after 40 is most likely caused by organic disorders. These include diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

The older a man becomes, the greater is the risk of atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension. In most cases, they adversely affect erections and cause partial or total erectile dysfunction. Problems with potency after 40 can occur due to the malfunctioning of the prostate gland. In addition, it can be triggered by overweight, surgical intervention on the organs of the pelvis, taking some drugs.

Impotence at a Young Age —  Features of Treatment

Before starting treatment, you should determine the cause of the weakening of male power. If the examination will indicate chronic inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, you will need special treatment. Psychogenic nature of the disease requires the participation of the psychiatrist in treatment. Sessions are conducted in private, and with the participation of the sexual partner.

erectile dysfunction at young age causesEven a single episode of poor or failed erection during the sexual act leaves a scar in the soul. The moment of shame will remain for a long time in memory. Fear to experience shame again will haunt always. Such men need assurances, that is to say, to have such a tool that will quickly fix the situation. Viagra Soft is an analog of Viagra that works several times faster. It comes in the form of soluble tablets, which 15 minutes after the intake will begin working.

Psychologists advise to always have a fast-acting Viagra substitute. You don’t have to take it always. Only if you feel weakness and self-doubt. Viagra Soft is not pills – it is coated tablets with refreshing taste. Your girlfriend will notice nothing, she will only appreciate your fresh breath.

There are various reasons for the disturbance of potency, the problem can come at any age. Don’t despair, today this disease can be cured by timely referring to the doctor and following the recommendations. Taking pills is never too late and never too early if it is the question of your sexual life.

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