Erectile Dysfunction and Inguinal Hernia – How to Regain Men’s Health?


Inguinal hernia is a common disease, which can be triggered off by multiple factors, including intense exercise. Because of the anatomical features of the structure of the men’s body, inguinal hernia affects mainly the representatives of the strong half of mankind. Regardless of the reasons, which caused the development of the disease, it is safe to say that inguinal hernia can cause erectile dysfunction.

The Specifics of the Pathology

inguinal hernia erectile dysfunctionInguinal hernia in men may be congenital or acquired in nature. The disease is accompanied by protrusion of the abdominal organs or of their fragments outside the walls of the peritoneum. It is also characterized by the emergence of the hernial sac in the groin area, the visual manifestation of which can be described as tumor formation of spherical or oblong shape.

Long course of disease against the background of the absence of adequate treatment can lead to serious consequences, including infringement of the internal organ, tissue necrosis, peritonitis. Also, among the side effects is the weakening of potency, decreased libido, infertility. The main specificity of inguinal hernia lies in the fact that tumor formation can be seen even in the early stages of the occurrence. That is why this pathology, unlike many others, is possible to identify visually. For example, discal hernia is characterized by a set of symptoms, which are quite difficult to determine.

Inguinal hernia is accompanied not only by unpleasant symptoms and physical discomfort, but also has a negative impact on the operation of the systems of the abdominal cavity. Digestion and the process of urination are disturbed, potency decreases.

The intensity of clinical signs depends on the form and stage of disease. At its initial stage, the disease causes minimal discomfort that appears only with intense physical exercise. At the later stages, the patient expresses complaints of severe pain, burning sensation, itching in the groin area, often there is no erection.

Reproductive Function

The vast majority of men are interested in the question whether inguinal hernia can cause erectile dysfunction and in which factors this effect manifests. Almost all types of inguinal hernia, including bilateral, affect a man’s ability to have sex. This is due to the characteristic peculiarities of the disease: against the background of falling in the hole of the spermatic cord of elements of the abdominal cavity, mainly the intestines, there is a gradual inhibition of the functioning of testicles. With the development of the pathology, hernial sac has on the testicle and spermatic cord more and more strong pressure. Over time, these factors can affect the potency this way: there is not only decrease in sexual desire—the processes of spermatogenesis are also disturbed. This is due to the following aspects:

  • erectile dysfunction inguinal herniaInhibition of the function of the testicle. If the patient suffers from bilateral hernia, both testicles are exposed to pressure.
  • Disturbance of blood circulation in the tissues of the scrotum.
  • Disturbance of blood circulation in the pelvis and groin area.
  • The temperature rise of the tissues in the testicles that entails a disturbance of spermatogenesis.

Often inguinal hernia can cause complete erectile dysfunction at the later stages. At the initial stages a man may feel such symptoms as decreased libido and weakening of erectile function.

Possible Complications

Various forms of hernias, such as discal, often occur against the background of complete lack of characteristic symptoms in the early stages of the occurrence. As for the hypertrophied tissue in the groin, not to notice this sign is quite difficult. Even in the early stages the disease is accompanied by the appearance of typical tumor formation in the groin area that may have a negative effect on physical health of the patient. In the appearance of this symptom, you should immediately see a doctor. It is impossible to cure inguinal hernia through the application of conservative or traditional methods. Adequate treatment is the use of surgical procedures, consisting in the liberation of the scrotum from the fragments of the hernial sac. Lack of early treatment often leads to multiple complications, the most dangerous among which are the following:

  1. inguinal hernia erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction.
  2. Necrotical tissues of the hernial sac.
  3. A malfunctioning of reproductive system can lead to complete infertility.

Thus, it is true that erectile dysfunction may be caused by inguinal hernia. However, after surgery the process of spermatogenesis is fully normalized, which allows to restore fertility and eliminate all consequences of the negative impact of pathogenic formation.

Unfortunately, to prevent negative effect of inguinal hernia on erectile function is almost impossible. However, timely treatment and recovery of the position of the organs in the abdominal cavity will help avoid the negative impact of pathology on the reproductive system.

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