Can High Blood Pressure Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


Hypertension is considered to be an elevated level of blood pressure—over 140/90. There are experts stating that higher blood pressure does not always testify to a disease, but this viewpoint is mostly not accepted. In terms of statistics, about 65% of men of fertile age have hypertension. It is quite a considerable figure. In its turn, it is true that high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction. As claimed by urologists and cardiologists, these physiological phenomena are interrelated.

How Does High Blood Pressure Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

connaction erectile dysfunction and high blood pressureHigh blood pressure causes erectile dysfunction in two ways. The first thing to be mentioned is that it’s quite harmful itself. Secondly, antihypertensive drugs have also a rather negative effect. So, hypertension results in elevated blood pressure. Long duration of such symptoms may reduce elasticity of the vascular structures. This (along with normal contractility) is the key to quality of the supply of blood. Once contractility of vessels declines, circulation of blood in the area of pelvic organs also declines. The lack of nourishment and oxygen adversely affects cavernous nerves conducting signals from spinal and brain cord to a penis and triggering off an erection. Hypertension is nearly always related to atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis manifests itself in two diverse ways. The first is the narrowing of blood structures on account of stenosis. The second is the occlusion of veins’ and arteries’ lumen.

One more factor which affects standard erectile function is a way of life. Many hypertensive patients are prone to abusing alcohol, smoking a good deal, not following a special diet, consuming large quantities of harmful foods. Certainly, such factors have negative influence on the potency. Hypertension exacerbates the whole thing.

Measures for Reducing the Negative Influence of Hypertension

high blood pressure erectile dysfunctionIn fact, men are capable of avoiding negative influence of hypertension by themselves. Yet, it is possible only by means of medication. Recommendations:

  • Adherence to a rigid diet. You should consume less fatty, fried or salty foods. Then the pressure will drop by itself.
  • Frequent check-ups. Corrections of therapy are also possible.
  • Sport. Jogging, swimming, and hiking have positively affect the pressure and, consequently, potency.
  • The proper day regimen. You should sleep no less than seven hours a day and lead an active lifestyle. You can also take bio-supplements for the normalization of sexual function (but not medications).

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