The Effect of Long Sexual Abstinence on Potency


Regular sex is very important for the preservation of men’s health. This is proved by numerous medical studies. But life does not always go the way we want. There are situations when a man should abstain. Potency in this case can suffer, especially in cases where sexual life is interrupted for a long time.

Of course, if the break in sexual life does not exceed a month, there is no erectile dysfunction after abstinence. However, in cases of intentional refusal of sex various pathologies may develop in the reproductive system. How to restore the potency after a long abstinence? We will try to consider this issue in detail.

Does Abstinence affect Potency?

Lack of intimacy can happen for different reasons. These include long-term hospital treatment, military service, participating in an expedition, moral, ethical or religious considerations and absence of a girlfriend or wife.

A short absence of sex does not have a negative impact on the health of men. However, long-term abstinence can lead to the development of the following pathologies:

  • erectile dysfunction after long abstinencepossible weakening of libido;
  • the ability of physiological arousal decreases;
  • fertility deteriorates;
  • there is a fear of sexual intimacy;
  • ejaculation is disturbed;
  • the psychological state suffers;
  • at the age of 45, erectile dysfunction after abstinence may develop;
  • for men over 40 years old a long-term abstinence is dangerous for the development of prostatitis or adenoma.

The emotional state of a person gets worse. Neuroses also develop in the absence of psychological satisfaction caused by orgasms. Of course, they can be achieved by masturbation, but such self-satisfaction does not give love feelings. In the absence of sexual life, the body begins to adapt to new conditions. It turns off the ability to have an erection independently. It will take time to restore the lost function. In addition, with abstinence, stagnant phenomena develop in the prostate itself, which is quite painful and unpleasant. In addition, there may be erectile dysfunction after years of abstinence.

If you stop working with your hands and feet, they atrophy. The same thing happens with the penis. Without a permanent “job”, it simply atrophies. And this always leads to the development of a complex of disorders:

  1. depression;
  2. neuroses;
  3. fear of failure before sexual contact;
  4. irritability and aggressiveness.

How to Restore a Man’s Strength after a Break?

Studies have shown that in men under 35 years old, sexual function is restored independently. It is enough to return no erectile dysfunction after abstinenceto normal sexual life.  But the older men do not always manage to cope with the problem on their own. They will have to work hard and seek help from folk remedies, medicines and move to a healthy lifestyle. But the most important thing is the diagnosis. It is necessary to find out exactly what the cause of impotence is.

First of all, when there are signs of violation of potency, do not panic. You should be reconciled to the fact that you will have to wait for some time to restore sexual abilities and treat erectile dysfunction after years of abstinence. You will have to change your lifestyle, give up bad habits.  Eat foods rich in zinc and protein, consume more fruits and vegetables. Be sure to do as much sports. Movement is life.

Only after that, if the positive effect has not been achieved, you should consult a doctor. Drug therapy may be required.


Medications help restore potency. Nowadays pharmacology offers many drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In the first place is Viagra. This drug improves blood circulation in the penis and is used in the complex treatment of impotence.  In addition to Viagra, drugstores offer Levitra and Sialis.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are treated by a psychologist or psychoanalyst. With the advanced form of neurosis, it is recommended to use antidepressants, tranquilizers or tonic drugs.

Natural Supplements

A new method of impotence treatment is the use of dietary supplements.  They have a complex effect on the body and improve sexual male function in the following areas:

  • erectile dysfunction after years of abstinenceenhance libido,
  • improve the duration and stability of erection;
  • normalize psychological condition;
  • increase the synthesis of testosterone;
  • increase emotional distress and sensitivity;
  • control ejaculation.

Folk Remedies

Folk treatment of impotence after prolonged abstinence includes alcoholic tinctures of ginger and ginseng. Garlic and hypericum, nut mixture can perfectly cope with small deviations.

Crush walnuts and mix them with liquid honey in a ratio of 1 to 1. Drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after meals.

Honey and bee products may also help. They are very important for men’s health. It happens that one spoonful of honey every day can help get rid of problems.

Healers recommend the use of baths. Herbal infusions eliminate the fear of sex. Concentrated tincture of bay leaf improves erection. You can try turpentine baths, but they have contraindications.

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