Epididymitis Causes Erectile Dysfunction – Is It True or No?


The main organ of the male reproductive system is the testicle. It produces sperm and hormones. The closest ductuli efferentes segment of the testicle is expanded, twisted, and has all the conditions for ripening sperm formed in the testicle before they take part in fertilization. This area is called the parorchis or epididymis. Accordingly, it is an inflammatory condition called “epididymitis”.

Causes of Epididymitis

Inflammation of the epididymis is one of the most common reasons for referring to the andrologist. The main cause erectile dysfunction after epididymitisis infection, and it is not always sexually transmitted infection, but sometimes a complication of respiratory diseases, when microbes from the nasopharynx with blood spread through the body. Such inflammation is easy to treat. It almost does not give problems in the future. However, epididymitis, which arose as a result of sexual infections, is more serious, especially chlamydial. Inflammation in the parorchis as a complication of gonorrhea is a disaster, in this case, with untimely treatment, “sealing” of ductuli efferentes can occur. Thus, epididymitis causes erectile dysfunction and even infertility. Despite the fact that many men think so, overcooling cannot lead to such male problems. It may only be a catalyst, which accelerates the development of infection, which is already there, but not yet manifested. Sometimes the cause of epididymitis can be trauma-for example, a blow to the groin.

Clinical Manifestations of Epididymitis

Inflammation is rarely bilateral; from the affected side in the scrotum there is burning sensation – from mild discomfort to severe. The parorchis swells, increases in size – from a small seal to swelling of the entire half of the scrotum. It has to be distinguished from the dropsy of the testicle and from the inflammation of the testicle. Mild cases occur without temperature. However, in severe cases temperature rises up to 38 C.

Is It True that Hemorrhoids and Rejected Sexual Intercourse Can Cause Epididymitis?

epididymitis and erectile dysfunctionHemorrhoid is one of the manifestations of varicose vascular disease (in particular, rectal veins). Varicose vessels tend to initiate venous stasis with all its consequences. Interrupted sexual intercourse (which many young men use to prevent unwanted pregnancy) also causes venous stagnation in the pelvis and is one of the causes of chronic prostatitis. Thus, both of these phenomena lead to stagnant full blood of the venous network of the small pelvis, which can provoke diseases such as prostatitis, vesiculitis, problems with potency, to a lesser extent – epididymitis. Erectile dysfunction after epididymitis is a common problem so you should consult a doctor in time.

Is It True that Running, Walking or Biking Can Cause Epididymitis?

Not only epididymitis but all diseases of the organs of the reproductive system (prostatitis, varicocele) can be caused by sports related to continuous micro-traumas of the perineum (mountain bike and horse riding) or stagnant venous hyperemia (rod). Other sports can be considered as potentially dangerous only in terms of the probability of blows to the groin (playing sports, wrestling).

What Is the Diagnosis?

The procedure for the establishment of the diagnosis of “epididymitis”, as a rule, is simple and limited to examination and palpation of the empty side of the scrotum. However, to establish the cause of the disease, tests for major infections, prostate examination are required.

Is It Necessary to Treat Surgically?

God Forbid! Epididymitis is treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and vascular drugs. Exceptions are cases of acute purulent (often gonorrheal) epididymitis. It is required to limit walking, running and sex life. Be sure to consult a doctor, as epididymitis cause erectile dysfunction.

Does this Disease Affect the Reproductive Function?

epididymitis cause erectile dysfunction treatmentSince the function of the parorchis is the maturation of sperm, the inflammation of the parorchis, of course, violates this process and worsens the quality of sperm as a whole, and in special cases (gonorrheal and sometimes cold epididymitis), threatens with complete closure of its lumen (i.e. blockage). This means a complex form of infertility. Therefore, do not ignore any manifestations of the disease of the genitourinary organs. There can also be erectile dysfunction after epididymitis.

How to Prevent the Development of a Chronic Process?

Prevention is quite easy. All you should do is to visit a specialist as soon as you feel that something is wrong. Do not wait until the problem goes away on its own. Even a healthy man should visit the andrologist twice a year (preferably in spring and autumn).

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