Do energy drinks affect potency?


Nowadays, many people are adherents of energy drinks. Some people are interested in the question-whether the energy drinks affect the potency? This is due to the fact that after drinking one or two cans of this drink, a person feels an unprecedented surge of vivacity.

The fans of energy drinks use them every day. However, such a product can cause serious harm not only to potency, but also to the health in general. This is the topic of this article.

The Deceptive Effect

energy drinks and erectile dysfunction helpEnergy drinks primarily affect the central nervous system, and thus there is a sense of euphoria, excitement. This occurs thanks to the presence of tonic – caffeine (most often), guarana, taurine and other means in the drink. They are all alkaloids.

Energy drinks begin to act very quickly, in about 10 minutes. Alkaloids in them accelerate the work of the heart, the pulse increases. As a result, there is always an increase in blood pressure. High blood pressure becomes the cause of headache.

Circulatory system after consumption of such a drink is under load. Yes, the drink is very invigorating, but it gives only a sense of energy. It can be called false.

However, the body believes that it has received energy. So, it should be directed to something. After all, according to the laws of physics, it will not disappear, but only goes into another kind of energy. Energy drink “deceives” our brain.

So, having received a huge dose of excitement, a person always feels tired over time: the body recovers its strength. In this regard, doctors recommend having a meal after consuming an energy drink. Regular use of this product is erectile dysfunction and energy drinksharmful to the cardiovascular system. This system is responsible for the quality of the erection. At avid fans, energy drinks and erectile dysfunction always come together. However, the effect of the product on each person is strictly individual and depends on the state of health.

Naturally strong people may not even notice the feeling of vivacity and excitement. This can be dangerous, because a person wants to drink more to feel the effect. It means to expose the heart of danger. Energy drinks gradually weaken the reserves of our body. And while these reserves are strong enough, a person may experience sexual arousal. But regular drinking is harmful. Especially dangerous is the combination of energy and alcohol.

The first component excites the nervous system to the maximum, while the effect of alcohol is relaxing. This is a real strength test for the human body. At a young age, the body is able to cope with the load.

Energy Drinks Weaken the Potency

Energy drinks and erectile dysfunction are interconnected. Fans of such drinks have repeatedly observed not only violations of potency, its weakening, but also nervous disorders. In many countries of Western Europe, the product is either prohibited for sale (France, Denmark), or sold only on prescription (Germany).

To understand whether energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction, we can highlight the following: at a young age, the product gives a sense of euphoria and a person feels the desire for sex. But the cardiovascular system responsible for filling a man’s penis with blood suffers greatly.

With age, serious health problems, such as hypertension, tachycardia, arrhythmia, make themselves felt. It’s all about heart disease and blood vessels. In such diseases, sexual activity is a serious test for an already weak body.

Do Energy Drinks Raise Pressure?

Experts agree that energy drinks bring vivacity. However, they have a drawback – they can lead to heart problems. In the course of scientific research, it was found that energy increases the level of blood pressure to potentially dangerous values.

At the same time, energy drinks are more dangerous for young people. This has been proven at a Minnesota clinic. On the first day of the experiment, 25 healthy men aged from 19 to 40 years drank a can of energy drink. The next energy drinks and erectile functionday, the same men drank a drink with a placebo effect. Before and after the use of both types of drinks all men measured the level of pressure.

It turned out that in those who drank energy drinks, the level of pressure increased significantly. The average pressure increased by 3% compared to men who consumed a placebo drink. Scientists have come to the conclusion that even a small increase in pressure under the influence of energy drinks can lead to fatal consequences. This is especially dangerous for young and elderly men, and for those who suffer from hypertension.

In addition to increase in blood pressure, energy drinks increase the heart rate. For a healthy person, this state is not dangerous at first. But gradually this leads to the fact that the pressure significantly increases.

If a person has hypertension, the use of energy drinks disrupts the heart and worsens blood circulation. In case of low pressure, you can drink 50 ml of energy drink and after 30 minutes it will increase.

However, we should remember that energy drinks in any case cannot be used as a medicine. This is due to the fact that low blood pressure is one of the signs of disruption of the nervous system. And if you often use energy energy drinks to increase it, you can completely deplete the nervous system, and then the pressure will drop even lower.

Doctors recommend a healthy person to use no more than 250 ml of energy drink per day. If there is hypotension, you can drink no more than 100 ml, but not every day. With hypertension energy drinks are strictly prohibited. All in all, you should remember that energy drinks cause erectile dysfunction and lead to other health problems.

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