Discomfort in Scrotum – How to Deal with that Problem?


This symptom is not a rare thing in male. Unpleasant feelings down your crotch make you face depression and shyness, sometimes it leads to troubles with your partner. Mostly, discomfort in scrotum area is felt like dull, medium intensity pain with no itchiness.

What May Causes the Symptom?

  • Chronic prostatitis;
  • Testicle inflammation;
  • Epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis);
  • Sexual arousal;
  • Prolonged sexual abstinence;
  • Inguinal and scrotal hernia;
  • Testicle hydrocele;
  • Varicose of the spermatic cord;
  • Skin diseases and pubic pediculosis.

In case of protracted abstinence from sex any man can find the way out on his own. But there are complaints that can definitely demand a consultation of urologist or andrologist:

  1. discomfort in scrotum areaSudden acute pain in scrotum;
  2. Gradually increasing pulling and aching pain in the testicles;
  3. Discomfort in scrotum and simultaneous temperature rising, shivering, nausea;
  4. The presence of itchy rash on the skin of testicles;
  5. Color, density of shape alterations;
  6. Painful feelings after 2 hours after trauma;

If your discomfort is triggered by the inflammation, it’s often treated with anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial medications that jugulate nasty sensations. Balms and creams are used when the skin is irritated and you constantly want to scratch it. Besides, the patient should be taking vitamins. Hydrocele and varicocele are cured via surgeries only. Testicles are the main organ of the reproductive system of a man. So be attentive with your symptoms and don’t linger visiting a doctor.

Even insignificant pathological alterations might cause very intense pain, often it’s impossible to tolerate. It’s mandatory to get a doctor appointment even if you consider everything will be fine on its own. Don’t be risky and perilous when it comes to such pain. The earlier you ask for help, the earlier you are going to get it, and the better it will be. This will prevent you from getting a chronic ailment that is much more difficult to cure than the acute form.

There are several most common pathological processes that entail discomfort in scrotum when sitting. It often happens that the pain is permanent and is distinctly felt while standing and laying, too. Check if something out of the following causes has happened to you lately.

Mechanical Impact on Testicles

feeling discomfort in scrotumAcute or constantly appearing ache can be the result of different degree of severity trauma of the organ. Small punch with no tissue damage is only slightly painful, and the pain goes away quickly within a couple of hours max. But there are cases when the hit isn’t just a flick. Abrupt and heavy jolt can entail severe pain shock and general state of health worsening.

It is an uncommon thing, but it happens anyway: stab and cut wounds at the crotch are extremely dangerous because of the possible bleeding, infection penetration, development of inflammatory and necrotic pathologies. Painfulness which is constantly on the rise may be an evidence of the progress of chronic testicle illness.


If the patient is feeling discomfort in scrotum he needs to visit his doctor as soon as possible. The urologist who is highly professional has to inspect the testicles, ask you about your senses and to palpate the area. Sometimes the rectal inspection in recommended. After that the certain number of tests is needed.

discomfort in scrotum when sittingThen additional diagnostic methods are assigned. Firstly, it is blood test, urine test, sperm test, exploring the bacterial presence in the urethra, prostate secretion test, serological diagnosis and an examination of feces. One of the most important tests is an ultrasound diagnostics which allows the doctor to visualize multiple pathologies found in patient’s scrotum. After running all the necessary tests, their results are studied and the diagnose is clear. In case it’s not, the patient is sent to another doctor – a proctologist, a neurologist, a surgeon or an urologist. The doctor you need to pay a visit next is going to help you to cure your disease and avoid any chronic pathology. Remember not to try medicating yourself as if you were a high qualified doctor.

The only helpful thing you can do is to apply cold compress that’ll help to ease your pain after a punch or due to inflammatory process. After ascertaining the reason why your testicles are severely aching, a certain list of pills is prescribed. Most likely, the patient will be taking antibacterial medications, nonspecific anti-inflammatory remedies and antipyretic pills.

While the therapy is being applied, the man should abstain from any sexual contacts. Some especially urgent situations demand a surgical procedure – for example, suturing the scrotum, removal of cystic formations, removal of hernia, and twisting the testicle.

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