Coffee Causes Erectile Dysfunction – True or Myth?


What is the influence of coffee on man potency? This question is very relevant both for women and men. This delicious drink is admired by many representatives of the strong sex. But is it safe to consume this drink very often? What to do if a coffee lover has got bad erection?

How Coffee Influences on Erection?

coffee causes erectile dysfunction in maleThere a lot of everyday products that have good influence on man power. It is tea, parsley, ginger, dates, garlic and onion. Also a lot of seafood is doing good job on men’s health. Some of the food products are definitely useful for men, but other ones are quite controversial. Many scientists suppose that coffee causes erectile dysfunction. But there are other researchers that are not so sure in that issue. Let’s look at the researches that were conducted by Cambridge scientists several years ago. We can make sure that drinking coffee and having good erection are connected between themselves. Having coffee too often may lead to impotency and some other violations at sexual intercourses. Such assertion is based on the fact that coffee consists of plant-based hormones that are similar to estrogen – female hormone. If a man drinks up to 4-5 cup of coffee a day, his potency will be slowly decreasing. This will be happening because of the huge amount of natural hormones he is consuming that will lead to hormonal violations that provoke obesity. In this case, men end up with seeing their bellies and breasts grow – just like at women’s.

Brazilian Scientists about Caffeine and Potency

It is not clear for researchers from Brazil why the rest of the world thinks that caffeine causes erectile dysfunction. This delicious drink was scrutinized as a whole. They invited a group of men and asked them to drink one cup of coffee per day and then tell about their feelings and desires. It was found that those men who consumed only one cup of coffee per day experienced a lot of sexual desire towards their partner. It appeared that this drink is a strong aphrodisiac. The survey was conducted, and it showed that Brazilian men who drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee per day are more sexually active and happy in their romantic life than those who hates coffee and never consumes it.

Is Coffee Dangerous for Men?

coffee impact on erectile dysfunctionThe scientists are sure that this drink cannot cause any harm to a man if he consumes not more than 500 mg of caffeine every day. One teaspoon of roasted coffee beans has approximately 115 mg of caffeine and the dissolving one has only 71 mg. One cup of good espresso has 40 of this coffee ingredient.

The consensus about dissolving and roasted coffee cannot be found, unfortunately. The majority of them consider it to be pretty dangerous to drink coffee which is dissolving one. Allegedly, it can inflict painful sensations to your stomach and pancreas gland. And some of them think that everyday consumption of such coffee leads to the development of gastritis and stomach ulcer.

Dissolving type of coffee consists not only of caffeine, but of a lot of color supplements, preservatives and aromatizers. Such product as coffee either doesn’t have them naturally or has them but in incomparably smaller portions. It is frequently happening that drinking too much coffee leads to the appearance of the cellulite which looks bad on women, and will look even better on man.

So if you are not scared that caffeine causes erectile dysfunction, choose good products for yourself and take care of your stomach. High quality roasted coffee will be very good both or your mental and physical form. It is very easy to grind coffee once in a while and have yourself a very fragrant and luscious drink. You will definitely enjoy its odor and taste – it’ll be much better than the dissolving one. You are not going to prevent yourself from having erectile dysfunction, but at least you are going to enjoy your life and drink delicious coffee. Keep in mind that impotency if often emerges after drinking a lot of dissolving product for a long time.

coffee causes erectile dysfunction in menIf you find yourself having erectile dysfunction problems and want to get rid of this illness as soon as possible, use the medications that are prescribed only by doctor. Don’t try to decide what type of medication you need on your own. Many medications are very effective is prescribed by a doctor who concerned all the tests and can not be mistaken. The time of curing always takes from 7 to 28 days. When this period is gone, the patient feels a lot better (but still do not forget that coffee causes erectile dysfunction and be careful with the amount of this drink you consume per day). A man becomes very active both in sexual, emotional and physical fields.

If a man starts drinking a million cups of coffee per day even after he was obliged to have treatment, it may not end well. Drink coffee responsibly. Remember that one cup of coffee per day won’t do you any harm, but if you prefer having 10 of them only for breakfast, you apparently will be having health troubles.

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