Cloudy Urine in Male – What is to Be Done?


The change in the quality of urine often indicates some processes in the genitourinary system. However, some features may change for other reasons. For example, the shade of urine secreted depends on a number of factors, even on the consumed food. It is important to establish whether there are any signs or anxiety symptoms. Speaking about the changes in the quality of urine, they usually mean its color, transparency, odour, concentration, presence of inclusions and impurities. For example, the cloudy color of urine in male can be a result of the following reasons:

  • cloudy color of urine in maleprostatitis;
  • urethritis;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • genital infections;
  • urolithiasis;
  • cystitis, etc.

There may appear turbid urine in male after using certain medication as well. In this case the smell can change in addition to the color. This phenomenon can be considered normal. No remedial actions are required, as urine will recover once the drug components are removed from the body.

Signs of the Malady

Clouding of urine can be caused by the presence of pus, protein, small fragments of stones (when urolithiasis takes place), etc. To determine the nature of the changes is impossible. Even the expert will need the results of laboratory tests for the accurate diagnosis. However, each disease has its symptoms, so assuming the character of the reasons which formed the turbid urine in male is still possible, if we analyze the totality of all signs.


It is a fairly common disease that affects both women and men. Urolithiasis usually manifests itself with severe pain. These pains are most often localized in the area of the small of the back, but also can be projected to other areas. These sensations have one characteristic – they depend on body position, movement, and muscle contraction. For example, the pain becomes particularly strong (sometimes even unbearable) if a person experiences physical exertion, change in posture, coughing, etc. This pain often affects the scrotum, as well as the bottom of the ureter. In addition, there are such symptoms as:

  1. cloudy urine in young maleacute pain in the groin;
  2. disorder of the urination process;
  3. reddish hue of the urine;
  4. frequent urination;
  5. fever, vomiting, etc.

In cases of urolithiasis, cloudy urine (in young male in particular) has characteristic features. Directly after excretion and during the first few minutes after that urine can have a strong degree of turbidity. However, after some time the smallest particles of concretion will settle, the liquid will become more transparent, and at the bottom a precipitate will be observed. Sometimes, when it comes to urolithiasis, cloudy urine in men has a reddish hue. This occurs when it is mixed with blood released from the damaged urinary tract.


This disease is more common in women; however, men are sometimes affected by it as well, especially in mature and old age. It is to be accounted by the fact that cystitis in this case is a complication of many diseases of the genitourinary system, traditionally developing in men after 35 years. Cystitis in men may not manifest itself for quite a long time. When the symptoms show up, then the person experiences the following:

In severe, neglected cases the body temperature may increase, signs of intoxication may occur. It is the mucus in this case that is the cause of the turbidity of urine. Meanwhile, the intensity of this feature is stable. Unlike the previous example, precipitate is not formed. The presence of this symptom suggests that the disease is actively developing, the inflammatory process has moved to the running stage. It is necessary to determine not only the cystitis, but the disease, which it caused. Treatment is prescribed in accordance with the received diagnostic results.

It should be emphasized that cloudy urine in men is not a single disease but only a symptom, a symptom of other processes in the body. Therefore, this phenomenon should be regarded only as the basis for undergoing diagnosis and subsequent treatment. To fight the phenomenon without eliminating its cause is useless.

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