Cigarette Causes Erectile Dysfunction – Is It True?


nicotine causes erectile dysfunctionPotency is a function of the man’s body to reach and keep an erection during the sexual intercourse. There is an opposite term called impotency which means the absence of that ability. It has a lot of reasons that entail erectile dysfunction. One of them is tobacco smoking.

Impotence and infertility are not the same things. The most common form of impotency is having your penis not hard enough to successfully penetrate your partner during sex. Blood vessels and the neural system are the main parts of this process called erection. If one of them is not working, the second one becomes useless, too. Arterial blood flows into the empty tissues of the penis through small and thin blood vessels. Erected penis is 7 times larger than it is in relaxed position. If such size increase can be observed, you successfully reached erection.

Cigarettes and Potency

As we already know, there are very harmful effects of cigarette smoking on erectile dysfunction. Nicotine which is contained in tobacco cigarettes is very powerful level that makes the veins go narrower. It can affect the vessels in two ways:

  1. Firstly, it provokes the appearance of the spasm that entailed damaging of heart, lungs, eyes, inner organs, hands, legs and sex organs, of course.
  2. Secondly, nicotine from cigarettes destructs the walls of blood veins, making them almost incapable of getting relaxed.

As nicotine is a dangerous disruptor of the vessels, penis and testicles are in the risk zone, too. And maybe they suffer even more than any other body part since penis contains a lot of blood tubes. Certain scientists’ experiments showed that the arteries that lie very deep and feed the penis with blood, immediately react on tobacco smoke. They tighten so much that it’s impossible to the blood flow only after two cigarettes! Even though such an impact of tobacco smoke can be cured with the use of expensive medications, nicotine causes erectile dysfunction and it is much better to prevent than to cure. The blood vessels need a lot of time to get back to normal and start working in the same rhythm they did earlier.

As the addicted person continues to smoke over and over again during the years, the state of his body becomes very bad day after day. It happens very often that the changes that the body’s foregone are not repairable. The lungs, the veins and other organs are that damaged that it is not possible to renew them. Here are some of the most harmful components of cigarettes:

  • nicotine;
  • carbon monoxide;
  • isoprene;
  • acetaldehyde.

How Cigarettes Can Entail Impotency?

One of the previously held experiments invited almost five hundred men to prove that cigarettes cause rectile dysfunction. Before the experiment their health was tested and a number of dangerous facts were pointed out:

  1. nicotine related erectile dysfunctionThe most common age of participants is 47 years old. 57% of men claimed they suffered from arterial blood flow. Smoking and some other factors that lead to the emergence of impotence were met much more frequently in those focus group members who smoked. Their bad habit lasted for many years since the very youth of them.
  2. The measuring of arterial pressure of penis showed that smoking absolutely negatively affected the strength of this organ. The researchers concluded that the blood circulation of the crotch was violated.
  3. Moreover, the smoking can affect the walls of the veins without any obstacles. It happens extremely often that the man aged 40-50 and who has been smoking for 10-15 years experiences very serious troubles with his blood pressure. As the time goes by, his troubles become more and more irreversible.

Sperm Quality and Tobacco Smoking

cigarette causing erectile dysfunctionThere is one very common problem of cigarette addicted people among other effects of cigarette smoking on erectile dysfunction. The worsening of the quality of sperm is meant by this. All of the harmful elements from cigarettes turn out to be inside of male sex organs via blood. Hard smokers have very few spermatozoids and they are quite active. What is more, the premises from cigarettes and tobacco itself lead to their structure damage. Finnish researchers suppose that smokers have more inactive and still sperm compared to those people who tend to stick to healthy lifestyle.

If you suddenly have infertility, giving up smoking is one of the main conditions of the curing period. Besides, there are a lot of other medications and procedures that man will be obliged to experience. The good news are that the level of hormones in smokers doesn’t differ from the hormonal level of healthy people. If the question is “whether tobacco smoking leads to abnormal erection” the answer is “yes, it definitely does”. This conclusion is made due to experiments on animals and on people. Here is one of them:

  • The focus group members were offered to smoke 3 cigarettes within 30 minutes (1 cigarette contained 1g of nicotine).
  • Their erection significantly worsened compared to other people who smoked cigarettes with smaller amount of nicotine in each.

The scientists suppose that it is dragged by the intruding the nicotine to the blood system through the vegetative system, which leaded to the blood go slower.  So if there is a possibility for you to give up smoking, do it right now, otherwise you are risking having very serious health problems that are not always curable.

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