Burning Sensation in Scrotum – Causes and Possible Treatment


burning sensation in scrotum while sittingSuch unpleasant feelings as itching, burning, and tingling in the male reproductive organs are quite common. This does not always indicate some disease, but it is undoubtedly noteworthy.

Men’s reproductive system is fully being formed during puberty; the scrotum is undergoing significant changes then. It grows along with the testicles, there also appears hair. During this period there is sometimes a slight burning sensation, itching on the outside of scrotum skin, which is quite normal. There may be burning in scrotum when sitting as well as in any other positions. Usually these feelings pass away quickly.

If the burning sensation in scrotum skin or in the testes is observed in adult men, that is the reason to pay close attention to this area.

The Causes Inducing Burning Sensation in the Testicles

It is worth noting that recently the number of diseases of male genital sphere has increased significantly. That often results in problems with potency and reproductive function. However, it is not always that the burning sensation in testes testifies to such serious problems.

Causes of discomfort in the scrotum may be of various origins.

Those not related to diseases:

  1. Neglect of hygiene is a quite common cause as the area of the scrotum has high sweating. The solution is simple: daily washing. In case of irritation it is recommended to use baby talcum powder. Also, underwear needs to be changed every day.
  2. Venereal excitement without reaching an orgasm in the form of sexual intercourse – with great excitement, the blood is rushing to sexual organs, and if discharge does not occur, there may appear possible discomfort in this area.

Problems with skin:

  • burning sensation in scrotum skinAllergy to fabric of clothing, as well as to some detergents, foods, medicines. The first thing to be done is excluding synthetic underwear and too tight clothes; it is also advisable to change the detergent. If a man is prone to allergic reactions, taking antihistamine will help in case of a strong burning sensation.
  • Psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases are accompanied by itching, burning, often peeling and discoloration of the skin. Treatment is to be left for a specialist.
  • Scabies primarily affects the stomach and arms, but inguinal folds may also suffer from it, and from there scabies mites get to the testicles. It is characterized by itching getting worse usually at night. Signs of skin irritation are to be observed – a reaction to toxins secreted by scabies mites. Today it is possible to choose an ointment, liquid, or spray which will help to get rid of scabies easily and quickly. Personal hygiene activities play here a great role. There is also a need for processing the furniture for sleeping and sitting; bedding and clothing should be exposed to high or low temperatures.
  • Fungal diseases occur in the form of rash with itching turning into a burning sensation. People become infected with fungus in cases of close contact, which makes this disease similar to those of sexually transmitted character. In addition, there are domestic ways of being infected – through various objects, in the shower, in the pool. The peculiarity is that tender inguinal folds are often injured, and these damaged areas are selected by the infectious agent; and from there it spreads to the scrotum. Discomfort is aggravated by movement, walking. The malady can become chronic if untreated.


  1. Herpes is a disease accompanied by severe itching; then there appears a rash in the form of vesicles, rather painful. Medication by acyclovir is applied for the treatment of genital herpes.
  2. Pediculosis. Pubic lice can cause intense itching by their bites; the disease belongs to the list of sexually transmitted ones. The treatment methods are currently quite numerous.

Common diseases of the body:

  • Neurological problems. Nervous disorders may induce itch of various body parts.
  • Diabetes can cause itching and burning in various parts of the body as well, including intimate areas.
  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract can be accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the skin.

Diseases of the reproductive system:

  1. Injury of the testicles. It is known how sensitive these organs are. Even if some time has passed, such occurrences may result in burning.
  2. Hydrocele (accumulation of fluid in the scrotum). Subsequently, quite a painful condition, and begins with a light discomfort and burning.
  3. Inguinal hernia. This can be very painful, but sometimes a man has no idea about the problem and feels only the burning sensation and discomfort.

Such problems can be suspected when the burning and other unpleasant sensations occur not outside but inside scrotum.

The Treatment of Burning Sensation

burning sensation in scrotum when sittingMen should know that a burning sensation in scrotum (while sitting or not) can be a symptom of serious diseases of the sexual sphere, and it is related to the question of reproduction. If this is not a short-term discomfort during puberty or as a result of sexual abstinence, it is better to see a doctor.

In the balance is sometimes the ability to become a father and have a normal intimate relationship. Therefore, the visit to the urologist must be perceived as care about your health and family. The urologist will examine you and put you through the necessary analyses and additional examinations. It will help to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the proper treatment. If a man suspects some kind of skin disease, pediculosis, scabies, the first thing he needs is to consult a dermatologist. Currently, there are a variety of medicines for lice and scabies. If a man has had casual unprotected contacts and suspects the possibility of sexually transmitted disease, he should see a venereologist. In this case, self-medication is utterly dangerous.

Whatever the cause of burning sensation in the testicles is, the main thing is not to panic and yet not to neglect this problem. Man must be attentive to his body, observe the basic rules of intimate hygiene, and in case of suspicion of any disease immediately consult specialists. Most maladies are definitely much easier to treat at early stages.

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