Burning Sensation During Urination in Males and Related Diseases


Pronounced discomfort during urination is a symptom of manifold maladies. As a rule, it is localized in glans penis or spreads throughout the urethra during or after urination. This can manifest itself as a burning sensation, itch, lancinating or sharp pain. It is chiefly when urinating that this symptom appears, at other times it is practically not perceived. It emerges suddenly, when urine begins to come out of urethra. Sometimes discomfort persists after using the toilet.

What May It Be Caused by?

Such a symptom is quite common, and is accompanied by a number of diseases. It is impossible to determine the main factor causing it; therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Burning sensation in males is usually a manifestation of certain diseases of men’s excretory system. They include:

  • burning sensation during urinating in malesallergies (red spots on the glans penis, swelling);
  • gonorrhea (purulent discharge);
  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • candidiasis (rash on penis, itch, white patches);
  • contact dermatitis;
  • pediculosis;
  • cystitis (burning sensation in urethra);
  • syphilis;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • urethritis;
  • urolithiasis, etc

Typically, discomfort when urinating is accounted for by the fact that the mucous membrane of the glans and urethra are greatly inflamed. Sometimes it is also irritated by the presence of sand, small stones or purulent discharge. If the burning sensation intensifies and already is characterized mainly by pain, so then the disease is quite neglected. This symptom requires a visit to the urologist and immediate treatment.

List of Possible Diseases

For example, many of the symptoms of cystitis in men are similar to the manifestation of those in women. Still, there are a number of pathologies which are characterized by specific symptoms localized exactly on the male genitals. Most often a burning sensation when urinating in male is observed in cases of:

  1. burning sensation in malesGlomerulonephritis.
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Various infections.
  4. Urolithiasis.
  5. The presence of sand in kidneys.
  6. Morbid growths.
  7. Pyelonephritis.
  8. Gout.
  9. Neglect of personal hygiene.
  10. Urethritis.
  11. Phimosis.
  12. Chlamydial infection.
  13. Cystitis, etc.

In point of fact most STDs are asymptomatic in initial stages. There is also a tendency to the presence of multiple infections (e.g., chlamydial infection almost always occurs together with urethritis).

Symptoms of the Main Affections

Burning sensation during urination in males can be accompanied by negative signs peculiar to various diseases. Among them may be itch both outside and inside the penis, pronounced inflammation of the foreskin, pain and significant difficulties when urinating, the presence of mucus, blood or pus in the urine.

Nevertheless, most often the symptoms that occur after urination resulted from diverse sexually transmitted infections. For example, if the patient suffers from chlamydial infection, he is experiencing a severe burning sensation in the glans penis and the whole of the urethra while he is urinating. The feeling does not pass away after visiting the toilet either. Gradually it becomes more and more intense, until the patient feels a pronounced acute pain. In such a case, it is urgent to visit the urologist as neglect of the necessary treatment may emerge as the cause of severe complications.

It is possible that a similar clinical picture may be caused by gonorrhea. It affects the mucous membrane of the penis and manifests itself by severe burning and sharp pain when man empties his bladder. Gradually these feelings begin to appear not only during urination, but also after it. Unlike chlamydia, the infection is characterized by the appearance of discharge on the glans penis and the presence of blood and pus in the urine stream. As a result, it acquires immensely unpleasant smell. The most common cause of this symptom is chronic prostatitis. It affects the prostate gland of a man and causes multiple severe symptoms. One of the main differences of this disease is a burning sensation in the glans penis and inside the urethra after a man urinates. In addition, it is characterized by:

Detection and treatment of pathology is very important for men’s health. Most often therapy consists in the use of antibiotics, immunostimulants, prostate massage and physiotherapy. So if a man experiences burning sensation during urination (as well as after that), it is a direct indication that he urgently needs to visit the urologist. Especially dangerous may be a serious malady – for instance, glomerulonephritis, oncological diseases of the excretory system, urolithiasis, etc.

Therefore, when the first sensations of burning while or after urinating occur, it is most important not to postpone seeing a doctor and to undergo the complete examination of the body, including being swabbed for flora. The pathology is to be diagnosed as soon as possible so that you may recover quickly and without the use of antibiotics.

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