Brown Urine in Males – the Principal Causes


There is no need to prove that the male and female bodies are very different. But when we see the same manifestations of a disorder, we try to explain them by one and the same cause. In many cases it is so, but it is not seldom that men and women have the same symptom but of completely different origins. That refers to the appearance of the brown urine as well.

dark brown urine in guyBut before trying to find the purely male cause of this unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to examine the liver, since it is its ill condition that often causes changes in the color of urine. Hepatitis of various etiologies, steatosis of the liver and even cirrhosis are bound to be characterized by dark brown urine (in males as well as in females) in the set of symptoms. Therefore, it is best to immediately consult a hepatologist and go through all the necessary analyses. If along with the dark urine the yellowing of skin, sclera of the eyes and mucous membranes is observed, there are signs of jaundice, and a timely visit to a doctor is sometimes a vital issue.

Normal urine has a light yellow, straw shade; sometimes the color becomes brighter. It depends on the concentration in the urine of the yellow pigment of urochrome. For example, in the morning urine is more concentrated and brighter during the day, especially if one eats plenty of fluids, it is much lighter. For example, in the morning urine is more concentrated and brighter, and during the day it becomes much lighter (especially if one drinks plenty of fluid).

Brown urine in males and females may be accounted for by natural causes:

  • consuming beans, blackberries, rhubarb, aloe;
  • taking medicines (certain antibiotics, laxatives, and for malaria);
  • intense perspiration due to heat or great physical exertion, dehydration due to insufficient supply of liquid.

In case of a natural origin of symptom it can be quickly removed by changing the water-intake regime, eliminating products that cause the darkening, and by limiting the medication. If after that the color is not back to normal, it is worth thinking whether the cause of dark urine consists in a disease.

dark brown urine in malesPathological processes in the prostate, testicles or the seminiferous threads can result in dark brown urine in males. This is due to the fact that through the urethra comes out not only urine, but also seminal fluid and secretions from prostate. In cases of acute prostatitis there is stagnation of blood in the prostate gland, and as a result, red blood cells are secreted along with urine when a man empties his bladder.

Brown urine in men can occur owing to the inflammatory process which affected the epididymis, or on account of an injury of the scrotum. In this case, most likely, there will be additional symptoms: pain in testicles, pain when urinating.

Dark urine may also be caused by the presence of blood in it. When it comes to men, this, in its turn, is often caused by the presence of stones in the kidneys or bladder. It is only a doctor who can determine exactly what caused a darkening of the urine, so if you noticed that your urine is darker than it used to be, it is best to refer to a specialist as quickly as possible.

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