Blood in Semen – the Reason for Anxiety


Hematospermia is a pathologic phenomenon characterized by the presence of blood in semen. In certain cases it is regarded as a variant of norm. It may be accounted for by a considerable pause in the sexual life of a man. However, it is most possible that blood in semen testifies to serious disorders in the male genital system.

Hematospermia: the Main Types of the Disease

Two types of hematospermia are distinguished: a genuine and a false one. In case of the genuine hematospermia the mixing of blood with semen occurs in the following parts of genital system:

  1. blood in ejaculatetesticles;
  2. seminal ducts;
  3. prostate gland;
  4. seminal vesicles.

In the given case semen acquires brownish color. When it is false hematospermia, the mixing of blood occurs in the urethra. Here blood streaks are observed in sperm, as the blood and semen are not mingled yet.

The Symptoms of Hematospermia

The disorder resulting in the presence of blood in ejaculate (not urine, which is another reason for concern) endangers the sexual function of a man; besides, in has an adverse effect on the whole condition of a man’s body. The first thing is to identify the causes of pathology as soon as possible as the blood in seminal fluid, most likely, is the consequence of a serious disease. The occurrence of this phenomenon among young men is to be accounted for by the inflammatory process in one of the organs of genital system: for example, epididymis, seminal vesicles, or prostate gland. In case of the inflammation of prostate the following symptoms are also observed:

  • frequent urination;
  • high temperature;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • decline in the acuity of orgasms.

If you have at least one the symptoms above, you are to visit a doctor.

The Causes of Blood in Ejaculate

semen with bloodAccording to statistics the most frequent occurrences of blood in semen are induced by inflammation of seminal vesicles (vesiculitis). Vesiculitis is the consequence of the further development of chronic prostatitis. Blood in ejaculate indicates the presence of pathological process in seminal vesicles and prostate. It is the organs participating in formation of seminal fluid. Among the symptoms is pain in the lower abdomen and fatigue. In case of vesiculitis blood appears in both blood and urine.

Hematospermia of Cancerous Character

For men of elderly age blood in semen may point to the emergence of a malignant or benign tumor in prostate. The difficulty in diagnosis lies in the absence of evident symptoms (it is not until after the early stage that they manifest themselves). It is noteworthy that if such a disease is not diagnosed in time, the further development will lead to the lethal outcome.

Hematospermia of Infectious Nature

Among other causes of hematospermia are hidden inflammatory processes and infections of genital system (urethritis and epididymitis). The symptoms of urethritis:

  1. Fatigue.
  2. Painful urination.
  3. Purulent discharge from urethra.

The symptoms of epididymitis:

  • semen contains bloodInflammatory process in epididymis.
  • Fatigue.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Swelling and soreness of scrotum.
  • Discharge from urethra.

Continuous, intensive and frequent sexual acts may cause blood in seminal fluid if there is a circulatory disturbance in the male genital system.


The treatment of hematospermia is the treatment of underlying disease resulted in the presence of blood in semen. The preliminary treatment is conducted via antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicines, which is the most common method. In the presence of multiple cases of this disease, it is necessary to undergo a detailed examination in a hospital in order to identify or exclude the causes of relapse.

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