Avelox for Prostatitis – Is It Effective Drug?


Prostatitis is a disease accompanied by the inflammation process of prostate gland. Despite well-researched clinical picture and features, in most cases it is quite difficult to be treated in view of the fact that patients often seek for medical attention in the late stages of the pathological process development. Such medicine as Avelox has proved to be effective in fighting the disease. It is antibiotic in fluoroquinolone class that works by stopping the growth and proliferation of pathogenic microflora.


The medicine is available in two main forms in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Film-coated tablets
  • Solution for Injection

Different forms make it convenient for use and enable to choose the most suitable type for each case of treatment as well as to develop individual scheme of using depending on different stages of disease.  Avelox is also effective for chronic prostatitis therapy. It should be noticed that injectable form is considered to be more effective due to minimization of antibiotic negative effects on the internal organs.


Avelox contains the active substance moxifloxacin with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity. It is rather strong antibiotic that can be used for any stage of prostatitis treatment. The length of therapy may vary depending on the type of infection and severity of condition. The usual duration of Avelox for prostatitis is at least two weeks. Don’t stop taking it until you finish the prescribed terms even if you feel better.

Uses of Avelox

It is used to treat numerous diseases, characterized by the inflammatory process. The medicine has shown its most effectiveness against the diseases of urinary and reproductive systems. It is permissible to apply it for such pathologies as infection of tissue, internal organs and cutaneous integument; inflammation of pelvic organs and different forms of prostatitis.


Medicine effectiveness is based on the fact that it is rather strong antibiotic but it provides a number of contradictions that must be taken into consideration before its usage and are to be discussed with your doctor. It is not approved for use in the cases if you:

  • avelox for prostatitis dosesLess than eighteen years old;
  • Have an allergy to Avelox or any other medication;
  • Have tendon or joints problems;
  • Have kidney problems;
  • Have any liver disease;
  • Have lactose intolerance;
  • Have some problems with central nervous system, especially with propensity for seizures, convulsions and loss of consciousness;
  • Have diabetes or problems with blood sugar;
  • Have any cardiovascular diseases.

Even if you have the above-mentioned contradictions, Avelox usage can be justified in some cases but it can be done only by attending physician and after thorough examination of patient history. After any deterioration of health, it is necessary to stop Avelox usage and seek for immediate medical attention.

Avelox Side Effects

Experience has shown that in some cases with prostatitis or some other disease treatment it can cause some unwanted side effects especially for a long period of usage. Pathologies may be as follows:

  1. avelox for prostatitis treatmentProblems with blood clotting and anaemia of varying severity;
  2. Allergic reactions reflected mainly in skin irritation, causing itching and redness;
  3. Sleep problems, rather bad headache as well as sudden weakness and mental confusion;
  4. Troubles associated with nervous system which result in feeling of anxiety and depression, unusual thoughts or behavior;
  5. Sensory disabilities;
  6. Digestion issues expressed through nausea, periodical constipation or diarrhea, heartburn;
  7. Some problems with blood pressure;
  8. Malfunctions of kidney and urinary system or liver.
If you notice some of these symptoms, stop using the medicine and consult the doctor.


Doses and time of usage depend on current patient’s condition and his physiological characteristics. There are some common instructions, such as:

  • avelox for treatment prostatitisTaking Avelox in the form of pills its single doze is usually a tablet once a day.
  • It can be taken with or without food but it is necessary to drink plenty of water while taking the medicine.
  • It is not recommended to use other antibiotics while using Avelox as it can result in negative effects for human body.
  • It is prohibited to use alcohol during treatment.
  • Medicine is to be kept in dark place at a temperature no lower than ten degrees which means no storage in the fridge.
  • Solution for injections must be used immediately upon the preparation. It couldn’t under any circumstances be mixed with any substances that are not intended for that purpose.

Avelox has proven its effectiveness for the treatment of different types of prostatitis including its chronic form and has shown excellent results in fighting the disease. But, please, take into consideration that before using you must consult your attending physician and get accurate prescriptions in order to avoid any negative effects.

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