Asymptomatic Inflammatory Prostatitis – How to Distinguish It?


asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis treatmentAccording to the American classification of prostatitis, fourth category is asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis. The name itself implies that this type of prostate inflammation occurs without any manifestations. Tt is not possible to detect it in a timely manner and the disease becomes chronic, permanently destroying the men’s health. It is possible to detect the inflammatory prostatitis only with the help of autopsy or surgery on the prostate gland. Let’s’ consider the causes that contribute to the appearance of an inflammatory prostatitis.

Causes of Inflammatory Prostatitis

  1. asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis cureAge. Over time, the prostate is deformed, deteriorating quality of its protective function.
  2. Hormonal disorders. They can be associated with various diseases, such as diabetes, as well as be a consequence of treatment with hormones.
  3. Prostate hyperplasia (overgrowth of tissue). It is accompanied by such negative phenomena as:
  4. Disruption of the blood vessels and nutrition of the gland tissues.
  5. Development of congestion processes.
  6. Reducing the outflow of secret.
  7. Disorders in urination due to changes in the activity of receptors, resulting in urinary reflux in prostate, urinary retention.
  8. An important factor is the bacterial infection.
  9. Disorders in the body’s immune system.

The development of inflammatory prostatitis contributes:

  • asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis symptomhypothermia and overheating (too frequent visiting bath houses, being under the sun for long, etc.);
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • alcohol and smoking abuse;
  • the absence of regular sexual life or excessive sexual activity;
  • irregular defecation, etc.

Since inflammatory prostatitis occurs without any symptoms, complaints from patients, but with the help of timely examination by palpation of the prostate, the increased body, pain, changes in the structure of tissues are detected. Lymph glands are increased in the groin, slight discharges from the urethra can be observed.

Diagnosis of Inflammatory Prostatitis

Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis is usually accidentally diagnosed under examination of other diseases. Blood and urine can have high concentrations of leucocytes. A histological study is assigned if there is high concentration of prostate antigen.

Treatment of Inflammatory Prostatitis

Sometimes this despise does not require treatment, but as it have bad effects given it is necessary to fight it. Prostatitis (category 4, as well as all the others) is treated primarily with antibiotics. Such drugs of tetracycline group as fluoroquinolones are used. An important component of the treatment of asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis is a prostate massage. The procedure is not always pleasant, but necessary because it eliminates congestion in the body and normalizes its work.

Traditional methods of prostatitis treatment are well combined with folk remedies. The main thing in their application — does not forget to consult with the doctor and clarify what drugs to use not to break the therapy course.

If a patient ignores the chronic inflammatory prostatitis, it can lead to disorders of urination and sexual intercourse (lower sex drive and erection, weak orgasm, etc.), infertility, prostate adenoma. Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis often causes depression due to the related emotional and physical discomfort.


Preventive measures for prostatitis include:

  1. active nomadic lifestyle;
  2. refuse of alcohol and smoking;
  3. proper nutrition (do not eat fatty and spicy foods);
  4. regular sex life with a constant partner.

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